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The Hobbes Archive  


New files which have not yet been catalogued 




Files which have had their processing delayed 


Programs for OS/2  


System configuration and administration  


Hardware and software drivers  


Network card drivers  


Drivers for various modems  


Mouse drivers  


drivers for CD-ROM drives  




Television tuner related drivers 


Storage/backup device drivers (zip, jaz, etc.) 


Drivers for alternate filesystems  


Infrared related drivers 


Serial port drivers  


Video card drivers  


Sound and music card drivers  


Drivers for scanners  


Printer drivers  


Miscellaneous drivers  


Drivers for SCSI cards  


The X Windows Operating System  


Window Managers  


Terminal emulators (xterm, rxvt etc)  


OS/2 port of XFree86  


XFree86 v3.2.*  


XFree86 v3.1.*  


XFree86-OS/2 v3.3.1  


XFree86 v3.3  


System patches, fixes and updates  


patches applying to multiple versions of OS/2 


patches specific to Warp 3  


official fixpacks from IBM  






Warp 4.0 Fixpack 14  


Warp 4.0 Fixpack 13  


Warp 4.0 Fixpack 4  


Warp 4.0 Fixpack 1  


Warp 4.0 Fixpack 5  




patches specific to Warp 4  


patches specific to OS/2 v2.x  


Programming and development  


JavaScript development  


Multimedia development tools and libraries  


Presentation Manager development  


16-bit development tools and libraries  


Device driver development  


PERL development  


Assembly language development, libraries and utilities 


TCL development for OS/2  


Database development  


C development tools and libraries  


REXX development tools and libraries  


VX-REXX Tech  


Patches related to REXX development  


UNIX compatability libraries  


EMX development tools and libraries  


EMX v0.9c  


Contributions to EMX from outside sources  


GNU Ada  


GNU Bison (YACC clone)  


The GNU C Compiler system  


GNU Fortran-77 compiler  


EMX v0.9d  


Ada development  


C++ development tools and libraries  


Patches relating to C++ development  


BASIC development tools and libraries  


FORTRAN development tools and libraries  


32-bit development tools and libraries  


Smalltalk development tools/libraries  


Help engines and helpfile creation  


General development tools and libraries  


Compression/encryption development tools and libraries 


Modula-2, -3 and Oberon development tools and libraries 


AWK pattrn scanning and processing language  


ICON programming language development tools and libraries 


Python development  


Information and textfiles  


Microsoft Systems Journal  


DOS cross-development under OS/2  


Object REXX  


X11 development  


The GIMP Toolkit  


Dynamically Linked Libraries to use  


LISP/Scheme development tools and libraries  


Pascal development tools and libraries  


Miscellaneous programming material  


WorkPlace Shell development  


DIVE (Direct Interface to Video Extensions)  


FORTH development tools and libraries  




Money-management and banking programs  




Statistics and Data Analysis  


Screen savers  


Speech synthesis and text-to-speech  






EPM Programmer's Editor  


EMACS-related applications  


EMACS-related development  


Emulation of other systems  


Word processing and desktop publishing  


The TeX Typesetting Language  


Eberhard Mattes' TeX distribution  


Postscript printer fonts for TeX  


Utilities for *TeX  


Betatest versions of TeX and TeX utilities  


Conversion between different word processing formats 


Diaries and logbooks  




Spelling checkers  


Clocks and the like  


Personal Information Managers  


Communications and BBS programs/utilities  




AdeptXBBS and related utilities  


BBS-related utilities  


Maximus BBS and related utilities  


Door programs  














Numerical computation and analysis  


Euler and Euler-related files  


Octave and Octave-related files  


Internet-related programs  


Dynamic IP static hostname clients  


Dialers for connecting to the internet  


Multi-User Dungeons et al. (MU*)  


MU* servers  


Programs for connecting to MU*s  


General-purpose chat/talk programs/daemons  


Newsgroups (USEnet)  


News readers  


News-related utilities  


News servers (NNTPd)  


Pertaining to Lotus Notes  


Mirroring software  


FTP-specific mirroring software  


WWW-specific mirroring software  


Programs for remote logins  


Programs to allow remote logins (telnetd)  


Programs to log in remotely  


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)  


FTP-related utilities  


FTP servers (FTPd)  


FTP clients  


Internet time (SNTP et al)  


Internet suites  


Programs and utilities for PPP connections  


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)  


IRC-related utilities  


IRC servers (IRCd)  


IRC clients  


IRC scripts and bots  


Miscellaneous internet programs  


Archie internet search  


Archie servers  


Archie clients  


Electronic Mail (EMail)  


Programs for batch-processing/mailing lists  


EMail readers  


MR/2 ICE  


Programs and utilities for PMMail  


EMail-related utilities  


EMail servers (POPd, maild, etc.)  


UNIX-to-UNIX Copy (UUCP)  


World Wide Web-related programs (WWW)  


HTML editors  


Common Gateway Interface-based programs (CGI) 


Web-related utilities  


Web servers (HTTPd)  


Web browsers  


VRML-related utilities  


Religion-oriented software  


Scientific Applications  


Chemistry programs  


Astronomy programs  


Artificial Intelligence programs  


Physics programs  


Human science (astrology, biorhythms, etc.)  


Electrical Engineering programs  


Biology programs  


Robotics programs  


LEGO(tm) Mindstorms(tm)  


Application suites  


Graphics-related programs  


Fractal generators  


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs  


Animation programs  


Draw (vector) programs  


Plotting programs and utilities  


Paint (bitmap) programs  


Presentation Graphics  


Convert between image file formats  


Ray tracing  


POVray ray-tracer  


Screen-capture programs  


GNU Image Manipulation Program  


Image processors  


Image viewers  


IRIT solid modeller  


Scanning software  




Miscellaneous applications  








Multimedia-related programs  


Music-related programs  


MIDI-related programs  


Programs for recording and editing MIDI files 


MIDI utilities  


MIDI players  


MIDI keyboards/controllers  


Programs for MOD and MOD-like formats (S3M, XM, IT, etc.) 


Programs to convert between music formats  


MODfile utilities  


Programs for editing modules  


Programs for playing modules  


Miscellaneous music formats  


Editors for unclassified music formats  


Players for unclassified music formats  


CD-ROM/CD-audio programs  


CD players  


CD-R/CD-RW programs and utilities  


CD-audio grabbers  


Multimedia-related utilities  


Patch (instrument) editors and managers  


Mixers and volume controls  


CODEC (compressor/decompressor) modules  


Sound and desktop schemes and scheme- management programs 


Programs for video (AVI, QT/MOV, MPEG, etc.) 


Video/image capture utilities (video capture boards, digital cameras, etc.) 


Programs to convert between video formats  


Programs for playing/viewing video  


Programs for digital audio (WAV, VOC, AU, MP3, RA, etc.) 


Programs for recording and manipulating sound files 


Programs to convert between sound formats  


Sound utilities  


Programs for playing sound files  


Miscellaneous multimedia applications  


Jukeboxes for playing files of varying formats 


Documentation on OS/2-related software  


Documentation related to OpenGL  


OS/2-related utilities  


System-related utilities  


Network utilities  


LANsrv utilities  


Netware utilities  


TCP/IP-related utilities (NOT internet- specific) 


NDIS utilities  


Virus scanners and cleaners  


Backup programs  


Mouse-related utilities  


Animated Mouse Pointer for OS/2  


File- and directory-related utilities  


Archival and compression programs  


Disk utilities (format, defrag, chkdsk, etc.) 


Benchmarking utilities  


Macro recorders, editors and players  


Alternate commandline shells  


Conversion between formats  


Memory-management tools  


Utilities which run at system boot  


Drivers and utilities for other languages/nationalities 




Font-related utilities  


Programs for batch-processing  


Process execution schedulers (cron)  


Configuration editors  




File browsers  


Encryption and digital signatures  


Clipboard-related utilities  


Printer-related utilities  


Ghostscript (Postscript emulation)  


Keyboard-related utilities  


Miscellaneous utilities  


WorkPlace Shell/Presentation Manager utilities 


Power management and UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) support 




Motherboard-related utilities  




Technical tips from the OS/2 Tech Support Team 




Mid Missouri OS/2 Users Group  


VOICE OS/2 Virtual Users group  


Team OS/2 News  


OS/2 Connect  


Team Brief  


San Diego OS/2 User Group  


The Warp Flash  


PROS/2, Tampa Bay OS/2 Users Group Newsletter 


OS/2 Monthly  


EDM/2 Newsletter  


The Hitchhiker's Guide to OS/2  


Toronto OS/2 User's Group  


OS/2 Game Review  


IBM Developer Support News  


Minnesota OS/2 Users Group  


Midwest OS/2ers  


OS/2 Discussion Forum  


Frequently Asked Questions lists (FAQs)  


Games and entertainment  


Networked/multiplayer games  


Board games  






Adventure/role-playing games  




Rogue and rogue-like semi-graphical adventure games 


Educational games (edutainment)  


Action games  


Quake by id software  


DOOM by id software  


Word games  


Sports etc.  


Card and casino games  


Puzzle games (*tris, etc.)  


Toys and miscellaneous eyecandy  


Miscellaneous games  




Text adventure/role-playing games  


Strategy games  


Galactic Civilizations  




Music, sound, video, images, demos, fonts, etc. 


Files in music formats (mod/mid/s3m/etc.)  


Music in MPEG (i.e. mp3) format  


Songs in MIDI format  


Collections of songs  


Unlabelled archives  


The Doors  


Songs in tracked (mod/s3m/xm/it/etc.) formats 




Clyde of Triumph  




Ng Pei Sin  






Delorean / Vertigo  


Froggie's Swamp  


Panzer Boy  








dark knight  


Pothead Pixie  






Greg Harp  






Songs written by two or more musicians  


wieder einmal  




World of Wonders  


romeo knight  


Songs by unknown composers  




Time Traveller  




mr. maestro  






Hamish Moffatt  






frederik andersen  


frederic hahn  


bigmac / decay  






Unlabelled songs  








Artist directories  


Demonstrations of programmer skill  


Success Denied  




Fonts in Truetype format  


PostScript printer fonts  


Fonts in Adobe Type 1 format  


Mouse pointers for OS/2 Warp  


Animated mouse cursors  




Images in GIF format  


Images in JPG/JPEG format  


Icons for OS/2  


Images in BMP format  


OS/2 Warp bootup logos  


Images in miscellaneous formats (POT, PBM, etc.) 


Animations, movies, and videos  


Video in QuickTime (.mov) format  


Video in MPEG format  


Video in AVI format  


AVI files which only play in W*nd*ws  


Animations for IBM WebExplorer  


Animations in FLI (fli/flc/flh/flt/etc.) format 


Files in waveform formats (wav/voc/au/mp3/etc.) 


MPEG-format (.MP1/.MP2/.MP3) files  


Sun (.AU) files  


RealAudio (.RA, .RAM) files  


Creative Labs (.VOC) files  


.WAV-format sound files  


Miscellaneous-format sound files  


Files which have been catalogued within the past week 


Programs for Java  


System-specific Java items (interpreters, etc.) 


Java development tools, libraries and classes 


Applications for Java  




Editor programs  


Word Processing  




Terminal/communication programs  


Internet-related apps for Java  


Multi-User Dungeons et al. (MU*)  


Internet realtime chat programs  


USEnet (news) programs  


FTP-related programs  


Internet and TCP/IP-related utilities  


Miscellaneous Internet-related programs  


Email-related programs  


World Wide Web-related programs  


Programs for navigating the World Wide Web  


Application suites  


Miscellaneous programs  


Multimedia-related programs for Java  


Utilities for Java  


Benchmarking utilities  


Games for Java  


Board games  


Card games for Java  


Action games  


OS/2-related programs for MS-DOS/PC-DOS  


OS/2-related programs for MS-Windows  





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