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Guiffy 1.4 build 45 (2000-10-01)

Long Description:
Guiffy is a file compare/merge (dIFF - like) tool with a GUI implemented in Java. Guiffy is shareware, developed by Bill Ritcher. Guiffy is implemented entirely in Java 1.2 utilizing all the latest Swing components. Since Guiffy is a Java application, its available for essentially all Java 1.2 platforms. Guiffy can be used to compare/merge text files of any sort and has virtually no file size limits. Guiffy also compares folders and includes a command line interface for use in scripts. Please note that this is an OS/2 specific version, to get a version modified for other os's go to the website lister here below. (

Program Contact:
Bill Ritcher
Program E-mail:

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Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 4 or later

Java 1.1.8
Download via HTTP

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