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timidity_player_2132_os2_r3.wpi/pub/incomingapplication/octet-stream  1.81 MB2021-04-13
TiMidity++ standalone MIDI player v2.13.2 with Presentation Manager GUI

Long Description:
TiMidity++ is a standalone player for MIDI files and other synthesized audio formats.It allows playing of MIDI files without wavetable synthesis hardware, but at a similarlevel of audio quality. It does this by using synthesized sound samples, loaded fromexternal files, to convert the MIDI data to digital audio -- basically, performingthe equivalent of wavetable synthesis entirely in software.This is a port of TiMidity++ 2.13.2, which is largely based on Darwin O'Conner's olderport of v2.10.4, plus a major update of his PM GUI from TiMidity v0.2i.The "EAWPATS" package, provided as a separate WPI, is recommended.

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OS/2 Warp 3 and up

EMX 0.9d runtime, WarpIN. Sound sample files are required -- EAWPATS is recommended.
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