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Host your own web.JIP is a script that can update the IP number of your computer at a dns service provider, such that your domain up to date.

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JIP is a script that could be used to update an IP Number of a computer at the database of a Dyndns service provider. By registering with a dynamic DNS service provider you can get a free domain name and host your own server.Then share files with friends , families and even business partners. Since your IP may change from time to time, you need a script to update your IP at the dns service provider. Hence this is where JIP comes in and do the job. This version is fore; Its time to host your own web site. Take the chance.

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2006-02-03 00:00:00

Runs on:
OS/2, eComStaion

Java 1.4 or better download at
Download via HTTP

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