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Gardens Point Component Pascal for JVM version 1.3.0

Long Description:
Repackaging of Windows version of GPCP for the Java Virtual Machine dated 13th October, 2004. Gardens Point Component Pascal (gpcp) is an implementation of the Component Pascal Language, as defined in the Component Pascal Report from Oberon Microsystems. It is intended that this be a faithful implementation of the report, except for those changes that are explicitly detailed in the release notes. Any other differences in detail should be reported as potential bugs. The compiler produces Java byte-codes as output. The compiler can be bootstrapped. Details on the specifics of this implementation of Component Pascal are found in the release notes which come with the distribution. This version only works with Java 1.2 or higher (but can be made to work with the 116 or higher, details on the homepage below). Please note that Component Pascal is a Oberon derivative not a Pascal one.

Program Contact:
Russell Kneebone (

Upload Date:
2004-10-21 00:00:00

Program Source:

Runs on:
WSeB, OS/2 Warp MCP or eComStation

JVM version 1.2 or higher
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