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Pipes a la CMS/TSO Pipelines ported to Java/NetRexx

Long Description:
This is version 0.50 of njPipes, an unofficial port of the CMS/TSO Pipeline product to NetRexx and java. The biggest new feature? The njPipes compiler now determines if a .njp file contains java or NetRexx code and can processes either. This makes njPipes simple to use from java. The second feature is improved tcpip support. Its now good enough for real applications. The examples directory contains a simple one called, tcpecho, which lets you watch sapgui sessions.

Program Contact:
Ed Tomlinson (

Upload Date:
1999-06-15 00:00:00

Program Source:

Runs on:
Java 1.1

Java 1.1.7, Netrexx 1.148
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