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AE 1.9.8 for eCS 1.2 (EN/NL) (2005/07/20)

Long Description:
AE 1.9.8 (2005/07/20) Simple text editor (replacement for e.exe). It includes all public available translations. Binaries and source code. This package includes the binary files and the source code. AE is open source software under the GNU GPL license. Full upgrade for eComStation 1.2 (English/Dutch). Unzip in the root directory of your bootdrive. No original v1.9.8 files changed, all original v1.9.8 files included, AE_NL.HLP (v1.8.3) and second copy of AE.EXE (renamed to E.EXE) added. Other supported languages (CS, DE, FR, ES, IT, JA, NO, SV, ZH_TW) can first replace the included file AE_NL.HLP by their existing v1.8.3 AE_*.HLP file, if such a file exists. If the language is ES, then you may try to compile AE_ES.IPF instead. If the language is EN, then you can delete the included file AE_NL.HLP. The main purpose of this archive is that it should fully upgrade a part of eComnStation, including the use of the same directory structure. To-do (I won't): WPI archive with all latest AE_*.HLP files.

Upload Date:
2021-09-28 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2021-09-30 15:06:21

Runs on:
eComStation 1.2 or later. (EN / NL)

eCS 1.2. IPFC (optionally, OS/2 Toolkit component, to compile AE_ES.IPF to obtain an updated AE_ES.HLP)
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