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ColorWorks V2 1.01.00 demo (1996-01-15)

Long Description:
ColorWorks V2 is an OS/2 graphics program. ColorWorks V2 is a 32-bit multi-threaded, multi-tasking, multiple-processor enabled graphics paint and image processing program, extends the program into the realm of the most capable of professional strength programs with the addition of: professional CMYK Separation capabilities, including Tonal Compression; many more Cool Effects, including the revolutionary JPEG Cleaner; 32-bit Plug-in Interfaces for third-party developers; support for Pressure-Sensitive input devices, enhanced printing with the ability to print Composite Images, Color Separations, and Overlay Proofs; user-configurable Brushes Menu; "One-Time" drawing feature; Anti-Aliased Filled Edges feature; additional file format support including PhotoCD, CMYK TIFF, and CMYK EPS. Demo version. (V2DEMO.ZIP)

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2021-08-31 00:00:00
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2021-08-31 08:47:13

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OS/2 Warp 3 or later

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