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KeyRing Mini (2006-10-10)

Long Description:
KeyRing Mini is an encrypting password archival tool. The program is a replacement for KeyRing/2. It can launch user-designated application programs using the URL field value as the argument. User and password field values can be copied via the clipboard. While the data files are not compatible with KeyRing/2, an included migration script can convert unencrypted KeyRing/2 files to KeyRing Mini plain-text XML files. These XML files can then be read and Blowfish- encrypted by KeyRing Mini. Open source under the GNU GPL license. (

Program Contact:
Program E-mail:

Upload Date:
2023-06-10 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2023-06-11 05:26:09

Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 4.5 or later

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