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Relish time manager working model v2.23

Long Description:
Relish is a native OS/2 program that provides a convenient and easy way to manage your time. Your calendar, to do list, and phone book are fully integrated to give you total reliability. At the same time they are also independent which gives you the maximum in flexibility. Your calendar can reflect reality because there aren't time slots to squeeze things into. Relish lets you start when you want and go for as long as you want with double- booking as necessary. You can categorize commitments, repeat events, print schedules, run programs, dial calls, prioritize to do's. The advantages of drag-and-drop and desktop objects add to the usability of this fabulous productivity tool. This is a functional demo version.

Program Contact:
Sundial Systems (

Upload Date:
2003-07-31 00:00:00

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Runs on:
OS/2 2.1 and higher.

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