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REXXUTIL RxUtlAdd API Information (2009-08-30)

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Description of added REXXUTIL function in .inf format. After a fresh install of ECS under VPC2007 I wondered why even ECS-installations of 2005+ still have the descriptions of the REXXUTIL functions added with Warp4 FP12 as a plain text file.thought it would be time to change this to something more os/2-aware. find here a standard rxutladd.inf with the content of the textual informations out of the readme file.add a SET REXXADD=REXX.INF+RxUtlAdd.inf to config.sys and "start" this eVar instead of the Rexx.inf itself.the content is assumed to be courtesy of ibm or something else dead like that. (

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2022-02-01 00:00:00
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2022-02-06 14:39:52

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