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libkai v2.1.0

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K Audio Interface v2.1.0.DART/UNIAUD implementation library. of multiple buffers more than 2AL for playing thread boostrit a priority of a current treade, a playing thread runs in a time critical priorityt() to get initialization count of libkaito override sampling rate of a default soft mixerz KAI_MIXERRATE to 44100 HzY to workaround the problem that trying to playd leads to pause on DART(#8) or silence on UNIAUD(#9)round is disabled for Open Watcom. PR #4, #5, #6 from sezerogety(#10)n at very initial timeixer by defaultXER to any value if you want to disable a soft mixer) APIs, kaiMixerClose(),Open(), kaiMixerStreamClose(),ixer()uld be opend in 16 bits stereo audio moder, it's possible to play multiple instancesces is limited by RAM size and CPU powerLEQ to set resampling qualityd 10 is highest quality. to set minimum audio buffer size in samples 2048is too small, sound is not played correctly, that is, kai1.dllts very first samples in DART moderolrtClose() in multimedia sub-system) API to convert float sam

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2021-05-23 00:00:00
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2021-06-01 09:46:05

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kLIBC v0.6.6
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