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libkva v1.2.4

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libkva v1.2.4K Video Accelerator.Support SNAP/WarpOverlay!/VMAN/DIVEODE to override kva mode if auto modend DIVE are availableorder to use DIVE mode as a default mode, doDE=DIVE used if HW is not availble tooUTO mode or SNAP mode if SDDGRADD.DLL(fig.sys ) was not loaded, but SDDHELP.SYS was loaded.a0.dll.KVASETUP to support to display an image into aat an image is not updated vmanLockBuffer() sometimes fails if an imagefor DIVE and VMANupports. This can give Panorama users some a program exits abnormally due toP$ helper device driver!

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2020-07-18 00:00:00
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2020-07-20 22:49:18

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kLIBC v0.6.6
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