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Patched CMD VX-REXX for 1024x768 (2018-01-13)

Long Description:
Patched BUILDCDO.CMD, BUILDODK.CMD and BUILDVRX.CMD (VX-REXX, VXODK. Patched or modernized BUILDCDO.CMD (VX-REXX), BUILDODK.CMD (VXODK) and BUILDVRX.CMD (VX-REXX), to set the (possibly unused) default screen size to 1024x768 instead of 640x480. Replace your matching existing install scripts. Do not execute any of the files, unless you really have to (re)create the VX-REXX WPS objects and/or VXODK WPS objects. (

Upload Date:
2022-05-09 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2022-05-10 05:28:26

Runs on:
OS/2 2.0 or later

VX-REXX, VXODK (optional), screen size 1024x768 or better (optional)
Download via HTTP

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