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Innotek Font Engine 1.00 (Mozilla Edition) (2003-07-28)

Long Description:
The InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 (powered by Freetype 2) is a port of the Freetype 2 font engine to the OS/2 Warp platform providing a tight integration with the OS/2 graphics subsystem. It is designed to be able to replace the OS/2 font rendering subsystem for hte selected (certified) applications. The benefits of the Freetype library compred to the default OS/2 font engine can be summarized as follows: -greatly improved font rendering quality for both TrueType and Adobe Tye 1 outline fonts. -8-bit (256 color) anti-aliasing for smoother font display -optional subpixel rendering for LCD screens -better support for displaying Unicode font data -more accurate character spacing -flexible configuration options such as configurable anti-aliasing, hinting and font mapping -enhanced ApIs going beyond the capabilites of the OS/2 graphics subsystem (such as glyph outline query support). Freeware. (

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2022-09-18 00:00:00
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2022-09-19 05:27:11

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OS/2 Warp 4 or later

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