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Convert JDK 1.1.7 ALLNAMES (1998-11-26)

Long Description:
Breaks the ALLNAMES.HTML file into smaller pieces. For JAVA developers, programmers and hackers. Being quite tired of loading in a 1.5meg ALLNames.html file to "just double check" a parameter or two a class or and method, I wrote this rexx script that breaks the ALLNames.html file into smaller, quicker to browse, individual files. A REAL TIME SAVER for those that easily forget the important stuff! This script is hard coded for the ALLNames.html in the recently released JDK117ga. Easily modified for other JDK's. REXX script. (

Program Contact:
Jerry McBride
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2022-12-09 00:00:00
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2022-12-12 11:56:06

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Runs on:
OS/2 2.0 or later

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