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Mastermind for OS/2 Warp or higher, v1.4b, uses drag'n'drop, fully helpenabled, supports multiple languages

Long Description:
The goal of mastermind is to guess the colors of your opponent (the computer). After each of your tries you get hints in the form of black and white pins which tell you how many of your guessed colors were absolutely right or right but you put them on the wrong place. In this game you use drag'n'drop to select the colors. There is a highscore and extensive help (even for each menuitem). Since v1.4 it supports multiple languages: please visit the homepage (see below) for more information and available language modules. This zip-file already includes the english language module. It's a classical logic game that is very popular in germany (don't know how popular it is in the rest of the world). This game may be freely distributed, it's postcardware, no registration charges. Source code is available at the homepage.

Program Contact:
Rene Auberger (

Upload Date:
2001-04-24 00:00:00

Program Source:

Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 3, Warp 4 or higher

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