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English issue of the VOICE Newsletter for May 2007, as INF.

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Voice newsletter (English) as INF, May 2007, Volume 11, Number 02. Feature articles: The Editors of VOICE speak out: Incommunicado * Tales from mascot kingdom - An approach in determination of an eCS mascot * Data Exchange Between Mobile Phones and OS/2 Machines * Using Theseus to Study Memory Usage Under OS/2 - Part 2 * GigaBit LAN - or How I supercharged my network * BitTorrent and OS/2 - Part 2 * Driving into the future? * Tips * Letters, Addenda, Errata.

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Christian Hennecke (editor at

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2007-11-08 00:00:00

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INF file reader, (included as part of OS/2).
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