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GenMAC_2-20.wpi/pub/os2/system/drivers/networkapplication/octet-stream  10.78 MB2022-12-08 00:00:00
Generic MAC Wrapper Driver (GenMAC) 2.20 (2009-08-25)

Long Description:
The Generic MAC Wrapper driver (GenMac) provides generic driver support for several network interface cards under OS/2 and eComStation. Moreover, GenMac is enabled to support WPA encryption with the Wireless LAN Monitor 3.x or better. (genmac220.wpi)

Program Contact:
Willibald Meyer

Upload Date:
2022-12-08 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2022-12-09 05:26:52

Program Source:

Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 4.52 or later.

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