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IBM OS/2 PostScript Printer Drivers 30.702 (1999-10-04)

Long Description:
HP LaserJet PostScript. Support for DeskJet 1200C, HP Color Laserjet, LaserJet IID, LaserJet IIP, LaserJet III, LaserJet Cartridge Plus, LaserJet IIID Cartridge Plus, LaserJet IIIP, LaserJet IIIP Cartridge Plus, LaserJet 4/4M, LaserJet 4 Plus/4M Plus, LaserJet 4ML, LaserJet 4MP, LaserJet 4Si/4Si MX, LaserJet 4V/4MV, LaserJet 5P/5MP, PaintJet XL300. AFAIK this version of the postscript-driver is the latest one which does not show scaling anomalies on the output-page(s). I have been told that later versions (30.716) have additional options/features, which someone may need - but these drivers don't work due to the scaling problems. Includes PSCRIPT.DRV. (pscript30702en.exe)

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2023-02-12 00:00:00
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2023-02-13 16:31:07

Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 3 or later

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