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Adaptect Family Set 7800 ver 2.1 (1997-08-05)

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Adaptec 7800 Family Manager Drivers for OS/2 Adaptec AIC-7870 OS/2 2.0 Adapter Device Driver. AIC7870.ADD, IBMINT13.I13, OS2LDR. (7800OS2.EXE ) Supported devices: AHA-2910 PCI-to-Fast SCSI (non-bootable) AHA-2930 PCI-to-Fast SCSI AHA-2940 PCI-to-Fast SCSI AHA-2940W PCI-to-Fast and Wide Single-ended SCSI AHA-2940AU PCI-to-Ultra Single-ended SCSI AHA-2940U PCI-to-Ultra Single-ended SCSI AHA-2940U Dual DualChannel PCI-to-Ultra Internal Single-ended SCSI with 50-pin external connector AHA-2940UW PCI-to-Ultra Wide Single-ended SCSI AHA-2940UW Dual DualChannel PCI-to-Ultra Wide Single-ended SCSI with Wide external connector AHA-2944W PCI-to-Fast and Wide Differential SCSI AHA-2944UW PCI-to-Ultra Wide Differential SCSI AHA-3940 MultiChannel PCI-to-Fast SCSI AHA-3940W MultiChannel PCI-to-Fast and Wide SCSI AHA-3940U MultiChannel P

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2019-09-05 00:00:00
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2019-10-08 00:00:00

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OS/2 2.x or later

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