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IBM GRADD Accelerated video drivers 0.97 (2003-06-13)

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The GRADD device drivers provide seamless support for accelerated and unaccelerated display graphics and advanced color depth and resolutions. They conform to the OS/2 32-bit flat memory model and are designed to function as 32-bit Presentation Manager* graphics display drivers under the OS/2 32-bit graphics engine. This release has accelerated support for the following adaptors and chipsets : ATI Mach64/Rage, Chips & Technology 6555x, Matrox Millenium/Mystique/G100/G200, NeoMagic 2090/2093/2097/2160/2200/2360, S3 86x/96x/Trio/Trio3D/Savage3D/Savage4 and S3 Virge, Trident 3DImage975/Cyber9397 in addition to generic VGA & VESA unaccelerated GRADD's. This release supports the following languages :Arabic (English with Arabic graphics formatting), Brazil (portugese), Simplified Chinese, German, Danish, Spanish, Greek (English with Greek graphics formatting), Finnish, French, Hebrew (English with Hebrew graphics formatting), Italian, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Chines e (Taiwan) and English. (grad

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2021-06-11 00:00:00
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2021-06-14 11:08:22

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OS/2 Warp 4 or later

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