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SDD_7-0-5b38.exe/pub/os2/system/drivers/videoapplication/x-dosexec  5.46 MB2022-11-13 00:00:00
Scitech Display Doctor 7.04 Beta 38 Generic GRADD Display Drivers (1995-05-23)

Long Description:
This is the Beta version 38 of SciTech Display Doctor 7, for those with a license this version will have all options & capabilities enabled, for those that do not have a license this version will revert to functionality of after a 15 day trial perioid. Supported chipsets include : . 3dfx Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo3, Voodoo4, Voodoo5. 3DLabs Permedia, Permedia 2, Permedia 2V, Permedia 3. Alliance ProMotion 6422, ProMotion AT24, ProMotion AT3D. ARK 1000PV, 2000PV, 2000MT, 2000MI (Quadro64), 2000MI+ (Quadro64). ATI Mach64 GX, Mach64 CX, Mach64 CT, Mach64 VT, 3D Rage, Mach64 VTB. ATI 3D Rage II, 3D Rage II+, Mach64 VT4, 3D Rage IIC, 3D Rage Pro. ATI 3D Rage LT Pro, Rage Mobility, Rage XL, Rage 128, Rage 128 Pro. ATI Rage Mobility 128, Rage Mobility 128-D4x, Radeon. Chips & Technologies 65548, 65550, 65554, 65555, 69000. Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434, CL-GD5440, CL-GD5436, CL-GD5446, CL-GD7555 LCD, Laguna 5462, Laguna 5464, Laguna 5465. Cyrix MediaGX. IBM VGA Compatible. InteGraphics CyberPro 2000, CyberPro 20.

Program Contact:
Scitech Software
Program E-mail:

Upload Date:
2022-11-13 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2022-11-14 05:26:14

Program Source:

Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 3 or later.

Fixpack 35 (Warp & Warpserver 4) or fixpack 5 for Merlin
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