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IBM licenced SDD 7.04 & Generic GRADD Display Drivers

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This archive has IBM's VGA Gradd driver, generic Gradd driver & the IBM Special Edition of SciTech Display Doctor that IBM has licensed on behalf all OS/2 customers. The SDD Special Edition contains a subset of the features in the full product. The SDD drivers support the following chipsets with full 2D acceleration in resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 at all color depths and 60Hz to 85Hz : . 3dfx Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo3, Voodoo4, Voodoo5. 3DLabs Permedia, Permedia 2, Permedia 2V, Permedia 3. Alliance ProMotion 6422, ProMotion AT24, ProMotion AT3D. ARK 1000PV, 2000PV, 2000MT, 2000MI (Quadro64), 2000MI+ (Quadro64). ATI Mach64 GX, Mach64 CX, Mach64 CT, Mach64 VT, 3D Rage, Mach64 VTB. ATI 3D Rage II, 3D Rage II+, Mach64 VT4, 3D Rage IIC, 3D Rage Pro. ATI 3D Rage LT Pro, Rage Mobility, Rage XL, Rage 128, Rage 128 Pro. ATI Rage Mobility 128, Rage Mobility 128-D4x, Radeon. Chips & Technologies 65548, 65550, 65554, 65555, 69000. Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434, CL-GD5 440, CL-GD5436, CL-GD5446,

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Scitech Software

Upload Date:
2001-01-22 00:00:00

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Warp and higher

Fixpack 35 (warp & warpserver 4) or fixpack 5 for Merlin
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