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MGA Unified BIOS Update and Utilities

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MGA Setup and Utilities Revision 3.42.000. This file contains the MATROX MGA DOS setup and utility programs. The UPDBIOS.BAT Utility is a batch file is used to update the flash bios on your MGA card to the latest revision at the time of release. BIOS versions are: G200 1.20 Millennium 3.00 Millennium II 1.50 Millennium II AGP 1.40 Mystique 1.80 Mystique 220 1.80 Productiva G100 1.40 Rainbow Runner Millennium II 1.40 Millennium II AGP 1.30

Program Contact:
Brady Jarvis

Upload Date:
1998-07-06 00:00:00

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Matrox graphics card (G200, G100, Millenium, Mystique, etc.)
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