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Software Screen to Screen BitBlt Acceleration GRADD filter, r0.0.6

Long Description:
This is a small GRADD filter driver that can accelerate simple 'Screen to Screen' BitBlt operations under unaccelerated GRADD drivers. As a GRADD filter driver, SSSBBACC.DLL is installed between GRADD video manager and GRADD video driver, and watches over simple (but definitely important) form of 'Screen to Screen' BitBlt GHI commands: - both source and destination are VRAM - source-copy raster operation, with no pattern, no transparency, no stretching and no clipping If such commands responded software emulation, SSSBBACC intercepts and processes them by own blitters faster than SOFTDRAW, and reports completion to VMAN. Assembler-coded, MMX / SSEint-ready blitters are heavy optimized for uncached memory reads and write-combined memory writes, designed in order to eliminate unnecessary, quite slower peripheral bus cycles as much as possible. Typically, such slower software BitBlts may speed up to 1.5x ~ 2.5x. Highly recommended for unaccelerated or poor-accelerated GHI (such as GENGRADD, M64GRADD in 24bpp, I

Program Contact:
Takayuki 'January June' Suwa (

Upload Date:
2001-11-29 00:00:00

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Runs on:
OS/2 v3.x with FP35+, OS/2 v4.0 with FP5+, WSeB, MCP, ACP or eCS

Any GRADD-based display drivers, build E.083 equivalent or later Any 32bit CPUs that have both on-chip FPU and CPUID instruction (excluded for some Pentium w/o MMX, see documentation)
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