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Dreckbak 5.d (English) (1999-07-01)

Long Description:
Back up and restore your hard drives EASILY using Info-Zip. DreckBak is a very simple utility to make it easy to establish a backup strategy for your OS/2 machine. The program will write to any device that can be seen by the system as a drive letter. It is ideally suited to Removable Media drives, such as the SyJet, IOmega, and ORB products. It will also write to your hard disk. The program comes pre-configured to back up drives C, E, and F. These designations are easily changed, and additional drives can be be added as well. There is a provision for specifying directories and files that you don't want backed up. Yes!!! There is no need for your CACHE and DELETE directories (or SWAPPER.DAT) to waste space in your backup. Fully automatic logging of all actions and errors to the directory of your choice. Set this up with a CRON program, or the included scheduler, for fully automated, unattended backups. Shareware. (

Program Contact:
Murray Weismer
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2021-10-24 00:00:00
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2021-10-25 10:07:51

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Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 4 or later.

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