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Back up and restore your hard drives EASILY using Info-Zip

Long Description:
New - automated installer creates config file - NO EDITING All files and full instructions to put into place an automated backup solution that's cheap and easy. Archive includes two Freeware utilities used in the program along with a WPS scheduling enhancement by E. B. Crowder. Install program to create all objects and directories to help you get up and running quickly. Web site and E-Mail support. Double Integrity Checking and FULL logging. New program format makes setting up MUCH easier and quicker.

Program Contact:
Murray Weismer (

Upload Date:
1999-06-14 00:00:00

Program Source:

Runs on:
Tested on Warp 4 FP10 and 9. Should work on previous versions.

Info-Zip (zip.exe & unzip.exe)
Download via HTTP

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