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OS/2 Command Line Utilities version 1.0

Long Description:
A suite of native (16-bit) OS/2 command- line utilities, including enhanced versions of several common commands such as ATTRIB, FF (find files), WC (count words), WHAT, WHICH (locate commands), XDEL, and XDIR, all of which support UNIX-style wildcards and a common standard option syntax. FF can find files that are contained in compressed ZIP, ARC, PAK, ARJ, LZH, and ZOO archives as well as normal files. XDIR can produce a sorted list of an entire directory tree. The suite includes native OS/2 utilities to change the number of screen lines, display BBS-style ANSI files a page at a time, change the state of the keyboard locks, and dump the contents of the PC's CMOS NVRAM.

Program Contact:
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard (Jonathan de Boyne Pollard at FIDONET 2:257/609.3)

Upload Date:
1999-08-10 00:00:00

Runs on:
OS/2 2.0 or later. May even work on OS/2 1.x!

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