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OS/2 Command Line Utilities version 2.2

Long Description:
A suite of native Pure 32-bit OS/2 command- line utilities (ANACLOCK, ARCDIR, ARCSTAMP, ATTRIB, BCOMP, CALCTZ, COMP, CONVCASE, CPUIDG, CPUIDT, CYCLOG, DELLNAME, DELTHUMB, DELTREE, DESCEDIT, DIGCLOCK, DIRSIZE, DUMP, DUPDIR, ENSTAMP, FF, FIND, FINDDUPS, FITSIZE, GOVWIPE, GREP, HEAD, HELP, MEM, NEWMBR, PARTLIST, PLAYMORSE, PLAYTUNE, PMLOCK, RESETINI, RUNSVC, RUNWHEN SAYDATE, SERVICE, SETBOOTG, SETDATE, SIGNAL, SORT, STRINGS, SUM, TAIL, TASKLIST, TEE, TEXTCONV, TOMORSE, TOUCH, TREE, UNIQ, UNSTAMP, W2KFIX, WATCHLOG, WC, WEAVESVC, WHAT, WHICH, WINSIGHT, XDEL, XDIR, Y) for a wide variety of tasks, from service management to finding files, including several workalike replacements, with several enhancements, for the 16-bit utilities and batch files of the same names that are supplied with IBM OS/2, allowing one to finally replace some of the 16-bit vestiges that remain in OS/2 Warp. The utilities support enhanced UNIX- style wildcards, long filenames, and deep directory trees. They support standard ISO/IEC 9445-1:199

Program Contact:
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard (Jonathan de Boyne Pollard at FIDONET 2:257/609.3)

Upload Date:
2004-01-12 00:00:00

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Runs on:
OS/2 2.0 or later.

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