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Connect/2 - The IBM Handshake 7.6.8 (2001-03-23)

Long Description:
CONNECT/OS2 - Comprehensive file and archive manager for OS/2: Borland-style integrated environment; Multi-window multifunctional editor; Multi-window HEX editor; Text viewer and HEX viewer; File Manager which looks like a Norton Commander but at least triple powerful; External multifunctional application executor; Full OS/2 and internal clipboard support; Miscellaneous tools (programmer's calculator, alarm clock, ASCII table, calendar); Integrated DBF editor; Keyboard macros editor; Context-sensitive help system; And many, many other features. Binaries and Source Code.

Program Contact:
Alexander Trunov

Upload Date:
2021-07-29 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2021-08-08 14:39:39

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Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 4.5 or later

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