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vSound v0.10 BETA (internal release!)

Long Description:
vSound - virtual Soundblaster for OS/2 / eCS THIS RELEASE DOES NOT YET ROUTE SAMPLE-DATA TO MMOS/2 It's only useful for people that want to try it for fun or people that got a working Soundblaster card on port 220h, IRQ5, DMA1 and want to use vCOMPAT GoSierra patching (use pass- thru in that case!). PLEASE READ THE TXT FILES INCLUDED IN THIS RELEASE vDMA needs NOT to be listed in config.sys, while vSOUND needs to be in there. Also vSOUND needs to be listed PRIOR vCOMPAT for GoSierra patching to work.

Program Contact:
Martin Kiewitz

Upload Date:
2006-09-16 00:00:00

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Runs on:
Any OS

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