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Virus Check Pro 1.0 - front-end to common antivirus toolkits

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Virus Check Pro 1.0 is a unique pm front end for the most common popular anti virus tool kits. It supports IBM Anti-Virus, Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus-Toolkit, Norman Virus-Control, Sophos Sweep, H&BEDV AntiVir/2, McAfee Virus-Scan. Virus Check Pro 1.0 allows scanning files and whole directories just by drag and drop. Configurable user interface (german, english, dutch), List Scan features (this feature allows to scan more a list of directories and files in one pass). If you're using more than one of the supported Anti-Virus tools, you're able to scan your directories or files by more alle of your virus protection tools just in one pass - by one mouse click!!

Program Contact:
Carsten Mueller (

Upload Date:
1998-04-20 00:00:00

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