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Real-time monitoring of CPU temperature and actual swap usage

Long Description:
This is a backgound process (daemon) written in Rexx that works as a supplement to monitoring utiliy from SysBar/2 package. It uses Rexx interfaces provided by IBM's Theseus/2 memory analysis program and Stefan Milcke's StHWMon motherboard monitoring application. It can be used as a template for adding more Rexx based real-time reporting to SysBar/2's Pipe monitor.

Program Contact:
Nenad Milenkovic (

Upload Date:
1999-03-11 00:00:00

Runs on:
v2.x, v3 and v4

SysBar/2 v0.15 with Theseus/2 installed (THESEUS2.SYS device driver in CONFIG.SYS and THESEUS0.DLL available from LIBPATH) and/or StHWMon (v0.7 or later) properly installed
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