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animated/Animated mouse cursors
DG_Pointers_1-0.zipMouse Pointers by David Graser (2018-12-25) [Detailapplication/zip 161.85 KB2024/01/01
LargePenPointers_2005-11-04.zipLarge Pen Pointers (2005-11-04) [Detailapplication/zip 7.15 KB2023/03/10
maggwait.zipMaggwait animates the OS/2 waitpointer [Detailapplication/zip 27.1 KB1996/05/19
NeoPointers_2014-01-02.zipNeo Pointers (2014-01-02) [Detailapplication/zip 24.58 KB2023/03/10
PointerPak_1-3.zipPointer Pak 1.3 (2024-01-01) [Detailapplication/zip 316.71 KB2024/01/01
smilyptr.zipPointer set for Warp based on Smily faces [Detailapplication/zip 8.81 KB1996/07/24
x.zipX Pointers/2, a set of X-like pointers [Detailapplication/zip 5.18 KB1995/10/20