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aICQ_0-16.zipA(nother) ICQ Clone (aICQ) 0.16 (1999-03-25) [Detailapplication/zip 365.95 KB2021/09/23
chat10.zipChat v1.0 - Nifty chat serer for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 12.4 KB1997/01/05
cicq421.zipCenterICQ 4.2.1 is a text-mode ICQ/Yahoo/MSN instant messaging client. [Detailapplication/zip 549.14 KB2001/12/10
dmsn1702.wpidMSN Messenger 1702 (2004/01/12) [Detailapplication/octet-stream 2.45 MB2013/11/25
dMSN_1706f1.wpidMSN release 1706 final 1 for OS/2 [Detailapplication/octet-stream 3.26 MB2004/09/09
gcptlk11.zipGibbon talk/talk daemon v1.1, compatible w/talk & ntalk [Detailapplication/zip 623.38 KB1995/09/02
ic316.zipInterCom v3.16, PM Internet telephone with video support [Detailapplication/zip 683.53 KB1996/08/15
icecq_201a.zipIceCQ (client) 2.0.01a Demo version [Detailapplication/zip 250.51 KB2000/01/14
ico111b1.zipIBM Internet Phone (like netmeeting, no video) [Detailapplication/zip 1.66 MB1999/02/05
icq2b153i.zipICQ/2 is a PM ICQ client for OS/2 [build 1.503i] [Detailapplication/zip 292.47 KB1999/11/03
icqpipe.zippwICQ's plugin to send status to a pipe (w/src) [Detailapplication/zip 41.79 KB2000/11/27
jabber05.zipJabber 0.5 [Detailapplication/zip 104.83 KB1999/02/05
LICQ_0-70-1a.zipLICQ 0.70.1a (1999-11-03) [Detailapplication/zip 1.77 MB2021/09/23
MICQ2_1998-10-07.zipMICQ2 (1998-10-07) [Detailapplication/zip 233.31 KB2021/10/17
mr_message_srcbin_02192006.zipSource code for Mr. Message ICQ client [Detailapplication/zip 1.15 MB2006/11/22
NetChat_1-36.zipNetChat 1.36 (1997/11/30) Binaries and Source code. [Detailapplication/zip 659.79 KB2012/05/11
nuts333.zipNUTS talker server (v3.3.3) for OS/2, w/source [Detailapplication/zip 202.34 KB1998/08/28
os2chat3.zipChat server [Detailapplication/zip 61.72 KB1997/02/07
pwhistory.zipHistory helper for pwICQ [Detailapplication/zip 76.59 KB2001/07/18
pwicq029d.wpiOS/2 native ICQ clone [Detailapplication/octet-stream 516.54 KB2001/07/31
pwicq2os2-preview.exepwICQ for OS/2 Preview (29-Oct-2002) This is a famous ICQ clone for OS/2. This is a Preview release. [Detailapplication/x-dosexec 624.58 KB2002/11/18
pwicq2skins.zipSome skins for PWICQ2 [Detailapplication/zip 307.79 KB2003/03/24
pwicq_scripts_all_your.zipScripts for PWICQ [Detailapplication/zip 6.74 KB2001/04/04
qchat03-os2.zipQChat 0.3 [Detailapplication/zip 1.43 MB2011/03/01
rxcht10a.zipREXXchat v1.0a: IRC-like chat system written in REXX [Detailapplication/zip 273.12 KB1997/06/19
secom100.zip32bit direct chat program for Internet and LAN [Detailapplication/zip 509.71 KB1998/04/14
VoiceChat2_1-1b2.zipVoiceChat/2 1.1 beta 2 (1999-05-09) [Detailapplication/zip 486.09 KB2021/09/23
ysmICQ_2-9-9-1.zipysmICQ (2007-03-05) [Detailapplication/zip 138.33 KB2021/08/09
ytalkos2.zipYtalk client and Ntalkd daemon for IBM TCP/IP [Detailapplication/zip 113.97 KB1996/01/18