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adrbk16.zipaddress book program. english and german versions. [Detailapplication/zip 1.14 MB1997/03/10
adrp170.zipADRp 1.70 - World fastest Warp address manager, german+english, VIO appl. OS/2 and Win32 binaries. [Detailapplication/zip 521.15 KB2000/01/04
ADRp_1-80.zipADRp 1.80 (2001/05/16) VIO Address Manager. [Detailapplication/zip 536.1 KB2012/05/15
alrmc31e.zipAlarm Clock v3.1, Clock task scheduler [Detailapplication/zip 236.74 KB1996/02/01
alrmp14g.zipAlarm Pro v1.4, alarm clock plus to do & contact list [Detailapplication/zip 362.49 KB1995/01/30
bbk100c.zipBlackBook Internet-enabled addressbook freeware [Detailapplication/zip 946.4 KB1996/08/04
card20c.zipCards is the OS/2 substitute for Windows' CardFile [Detailapplication/zip 108.66 KB1996/03/19
dial2en.zip-= Dialer/2 1.01 (english release) =- [Detailapplication/zip 34.04 KB2000/07/31
dialer2_2-0a7.zipDialer/2 2.0 alpha 7 (2001/07/25) [Detailapplication/zip 236.8 KB2013/11/25
excal.zipExCal 3.0m from Dan Khen/IBM EWS. WPS-based PIM with calendar, todo and address book [Detailapplication/zip 475.75 KB1998/01/21
haz12.zipHazel, a PM address book program [Detailapplication/zip 123.55 KB1995/01/30
hwipb.zipOS/2 P-Book (German UI) [Detailapplication/zip 987.05 KB1997/07/21
hwipbuk.zipOS/2 P-Book (English UI) [Detailapplication/zip 606.88 KB1997/07/21
iab132.zipThe Internet Address Book, catalog Internet addresses [Detailapplication/zip 410.34 KB1996/01/28
ibb128.zipItty-Bitty Black Book/2 v1.28, address book [Detailapplication/zip 185.83 KB1995/10/09
krmini_1_0_0_31-wpi.zipKeyRing Mini is an encrypting password archival tool. [Detailapplication/zip 1.15 MB2006/11/22
kuvert22.zipKuvert/2 v2.2, manage addresses & print address labels [Detailapplication/zip 77.89 KB1995/01/30
Notizen_0-97b.zipNotizen 0.97b (1999-08-09) [Detailapplication/zip 336.09 KB2019/11/16
omnifile.zipOmniFile Information manager v1.1 Demo [Detailapplication/zip 3.05 MB1998/03/13
os2c100.zipOS2Card Verson 1.00. A program that manages freeform text such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. [Detailapplication/zip 636.84 KB2003/07/15
pcard100.zipPersonal Cards v1.0, store phone numbers easily [Detailapplication/zip 37.51 KB1995/01/30
phoneboy.zipPhoneboy v1.4, graphical address book and phone dialer [Detailapplication/zip 32.03 KB1995/08/21
pilot-link-0.12.0-pre4-b2-os2.zipa suite of tools used to connect your Palm or PalmOSİ compatible handheld with OS/2 and eComStation [Detailapplication/zip 1.95 MB2005/09/23
pilot-link-0.12.0-pre4-os2.zipa suite of tools used to connect your Palm or PalmOSİ compatible handheld with OS/2 and eComStation [Detailapplication/zip 1.94 MB2005/08/02
plk093.zipPilot Link 0.9.3 for OS/2 and 3COM Pilot or IBM WorkPad. Requires HPFS and EMX runtime. [Detailapplication/zip 1.47 MB1999/06/22
plog100.zipOberon Phone Loggin/Contact Mgmt. Full featured demo [Detailapplication/zip 203.62 KB1996/02/27
pm21apps.wpiSet of PIM applications: Alarm, Calendar, Nice *Calculator*... [Detailapplication/octet-stream 650.94 KB2002/06/21
pm21apps.zipCollection of PM applications. Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Diary, etc. [Detailapplication/zip 597.04 KB1996/11/25
pmcardsr.zipPMCard, Cardfile for Presentation manager [Detailapplication/zip 54.77 KB1995/01/30
pmd_hlp.zipPMdiary.hlp file missing from pm21apps.zip. Calculator protests without it [Detailapplication/zip 42.68 KB1996/12/13
pmphon2.zipPhonebook made with Ca realizer [Detailapplication/zip 736.59 KB1996/04/15
pmpn280.zipPIM & productivity suite [Detailapplication/zip 1.28 MB1999/11/03
pmsb27.zipPM Scrapbook, 32bit OS/2 PM personal information manager [Detailapplication/zip 140.73 KB1996/05/28
ppmu10.zipPalm PM Utils [Detailapplication/zip 727.92 KB2000/08/31
psiftp.zipPsion OS/2 utilities (v0.97) [Detailapplication/zip 373.94 KB2000/06/14
reptel6a.zipPatch for reptel6 - Address Book for OS/2 (req: reptel6e.zip) [Detailapplication/zip 44.28 KB1997/01/12
reptel6e.zipAddress Book for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 851.09 KB1996/12/26
rnup223.zipRelishNet 2.2x to 2.23 update [Detailapplication/zip 1.11 MB2003/07/31
roldx25c.zipRolodex/2 v2.05, a rolodex program [Detailapplication/zip 693.97 KB1995/01/30
rolwps10.zipRolodex/WPS v1.0, a rolodex program for WPS [Detailapplication/zip 630.78 KB1995/01/30
rup223.zipRelish 2.2x to 2.23 update [Detailapplication/zip 1.03 MB2003/07/31
rwebwm10.zipRelishWeb addon for the Relish Time Manager [Detailapplication/zip 356.59 KB2003/07/31
rwm223.zipRelish time manager working model v2.23 [Detailapplication/zip 999.28 KB2003/07/31
tbook11s.zipThe Book, Manage telephone numbers and addreses. Attach notes, .BMPs, etc [Detailapplication/zip 254.66 KB1996/07/14
timetrac.zipTIMETRAC Version 1.9 with Source code.(1995-Apr-19) Now released under the GNU GPL license. TIMETRAC is a 32-bit, multi-threaded OS/2 Presentation Manager (PM) application written in C which allows you to track the time you spend on your many different ac [Detailapplication/zip 191.42 KB2002/10/31
tmpost110.zipSimple utility to maintain your personal daily notes [Detailapplication/zip 388.99 KB1997/09/02
tmtrk112.zipPM application for keeping track of time spent on projects/tasks [Detailapplication/zip 143.34 KB1998/05/23
When210.zipWhen and What, freeware [Detailapplication/zip 68.14 KB2017/01/20
When211.zipWhen and What, freeware ver.1.1 [Detailapplication/zip 68.32 KB2017/04/26
When212.zipWhen and What, freeware ver.1.2 [Detailapplication/zip 68.8 KB2018/01/03
who001b.zipWhO is an OS/2 Warp address manager (textmode) [Detailapplication/zip 33.61 KB1996/08/05
wincards.zipWindows Cardfile clone for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 83.05 KB1997/02/24
wrplg099.zipWarpLog - PM Diary/Journal Program [Detailapplication/zip 125.71 KB2002/10/21
yrolo11.zipyrolo v1.1 - Motif-based rolodex for XFree86-OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 54.33 KB1997/12/07