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Advanced_Game_Adapter_0-1.zipAdvanced OS/2 Game Adapter Driver 0.1a (1994-12-14) [Detailapplication/zip 9.47 KB2020/04/06
Autonic_2001-12-13.zipAutonic (2001-12-13) [Detailapplication/zip 42.14 KB2022/04/23
cdd2.zipGet a command prompt to fix a broken CONFIG.SYS [Detailapplication/zip 4.8 KB1995/01/30
Clock01Alt_2011-03-01.zipClock01.sys Alternative (2011-03-01) [Detailapplication/zip 7.49 KB2022/10/10
Delay_1-7.zipDelay 1.7 device driver (2001-08-18) [Detailapplication/zip 3.15 KB2022/04/23
Delay_2-1.zipDelay 2.1 device driver (2003-04-20) [Detailapplication/zip 10.56 KB2019/12/04
Enhanced_Joystick_0-2.zipEnhanced Joystick Gameport Driver 0.2 (1999-12-24) [Detailapplication/zip 26.69 KB2020/03/02
Firewire_a1.zipFirewire driver alpha 1 (2004-08-06) [Detailapplication/zip 448.96 KB2022/04/24
FreeType2_IFI_1-3-6.zipFreeType/2 IFI 1.3.6 (2020-03-23) [Detailapplication/zip 4.18 MB2022/10/09
FritzISDN_2-01.zipFritz ISDN PC Card Driver (2002-09-12) [Detailapplication/zip 1.94 MB2022/04/23
ft2b2.zipFreeType/2 Beta II [Detailapplication/zip 179.12 KB1998/07/29
ft2ifi_v20b1.zipFreeType/2-IFI v2.0 beta 1, OpenType font driver for Presentation Manager [Detailapplication/zip 235.76 KB2013/11/29
ft2v120.zipFreeType/2 v1.20 [Detailapplication/zip 590.45 KB2005/03/07
ft2v121.zipFreeType/2 v1.2.1 [Detailapplication/zip 526.78 KB2007/02/27
ft2v122.zipFreeType/2 v1.2.2 based on FreeType v1.3.1 [Detailapplication/zip 525.28 KB2007/05/29
GAMEDD2_2002-07-24.zipImproved GAMEDD Joystick Gameport Drivers (2002-07-24) [Detailapplication/zip 44.19 KB2020/03/02
GAMEDD_1995-06-22.zipGAMEDD Joystick Gameport Drivers (1995-06-22) [Detailapplication/zip 10.32 KB2020/03/02
Gameport2_1-2.zipGame Port 2 driver 1.20 (2000-07-01) [Detailapplication/zip 30.08 KB2020/03/02
Gameport_1-0.zipGame Port driver 1.00 (1992-09-27) [Detailapplication/zip 6.01 KB2020/03/02
ibmrapid1.zipIBM Rapid Access Keyboard I Enabler v0.0.1 (2001/Jan/07) - with Source Code. [Detailapplication/zip 9.64 KB2003/06/30
idlehlt16-1.0.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 15.15 KB2014/06/11
idlehlt16-1.1.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 15.16 KB2014/06/30
idlehlt16-1.2.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 21.04 KB2014/07/06
idlehlt16-1.3.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 20.83 KB2014/07/09
idlehlt16-1.4.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 15.32 KB2014/07/13
idlehlt16-1.5.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 15.36 KB2014/07/15
idlehlt16-1.6.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 15.35 KB2014/07/15
idlehlt16-1.7.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 15.22 KB2014/09/21
idlehlt16.zipDriver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit). [Detailapplication/zip 20.67 KB2014/06/07
KBDBASE_CADCmdr_2000-04-17.zipKBDBASE CADCmdr (2000-04-17) [Detailapplication/zip 16.34 KB2022/01/25
keyb_pl.zipPolish programmers keyboard driver for Warp [Detailapplication/zip 875.07 KB1995/12/01
mchnchk2.wpiBase Device Driver to enable and handle machine check exceptions [Detailapplication/octet-stream 32.27 KB2017/03/12
mony_121.zipMono Driver and API for PROGRAMMERS [Detailapplication/zip 78.23 KB1996/05/29
ncr333sw.zipNCR 3333 SW Support Disk (10/27/94).(5422 video) (comm P/N: 517-0001302) [Detailapplication/zip 1.85 MB2005/01/04
os2pcat6.wpiPlatform specific driver (PSD) for SMP and Warp4 kernels (single core) with full source code [Detailapplication/octet-stream 16.96 KB2020/10/27
os2spd.zipNEC Powermate 386/25si device driver for turbo mode [Detailapplication/zip 1.41 KB1995/01/30
pause.zipDevice driver which pauses so you can read boot screen [Detailapplication/zip 1.07 KB1995/01/30
pmr11.zipReveal RA300 Radio Card driver and radio application [Detailapplication/zip 97.24 KB1997/08/09
PMVDMCC_2008-11-02.zipPMVDMCC Patch (2008-11-02) [Detailapplication/zip 28.62 KB2020/03/15
powersv.zipDriver that spins down IDE HDs [Detailapplication/zip 21.24 KB1998/01/28
PPtP_1-00.zipPPtP protocol driver 1.00 (2001-01-06) [Detailapplication/zip 1.39 MB2022/05/28
print01-1-24.zipUpdated parallel printer port base device driver for OS/2 and eComStation, based on DDK sources. [Detailapplication/zip 16.99 KB2014/03/04
rng_810.zipRNG-810 random number generator device driver [Detailapplication/zip 56.16 KB1995/01/30
scangs1.zipGS4500 hand scanner driver/software for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 7.28 KB1995/01/30
SPciIrq_2006-10-22.zipSPciIrq (2006-10-22) [Detailapplication/zip 262.69 KB2020/03/15
Specialix_SLXOS_1993-07-12.zipSpecialix SLXOS drivers (1993-07-12) [Detailapplication/zip 119.14 KB2019/09/04
StartUp_1-0.zipSoundblaster StartUp Sound 1.0 (1995-12-28) [Detailapplication/zip 179.9 KB2021/09/30
syscall3.wpiBase Device Driver and DLL to allow execution of arbitrary user code in Ring 0 [Detailapplication/octet-stream 70.58 KB2020/12/22
USBDCF_1-2.zipGUDE Expert Mouse Clock USB driver 1.2 (2004/02/01) [Detailapplication/zip 15.48 KB2019/06/03
usbres05.zipUSB Resource Manager [Detailapplication/zip 124.12 KB2017/02/28
VEMM_Fix_1992-08-21.zipVEMM.SYS Fix (1992-08-21) [Detailapplication/zip 11.45 KB2020/04/06
VLFN_0-81r2.zipVLFN v0.81 R2 (Long Filename support for DOS sessions) (2001-06-26) [Detailapplication/zip 53.49 KB2020/09/17
VLFN_0-91b2.zipVLFN v0.91 Beta 2 (Long Filename support for DOS sessions) (2001-08-08) [Detailapplication/zip 50.64 KB2020/09/17
w017ast.zipFixpack #17 debug kernel package [Detailapplication/zip 1.22 MB1996/02/08
WakeUp_2003-11-18.zipWakeUp (2003-11-18) [Detailapplication/zip 12.68 KB2019/08/03
WatchCard_1-0.zipWatchCard PCI Driver 1.0 (2002-12-04) [Detailapplication/zip 44.96 KB2022/09/20
XAC_4779_1997-03-12.zipXAC 4779 Pinpad and Card Reader Drivers (1997-03-12) [Detailapplication/zip 413.79 KB2022/04/17