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anlog144.zipCompute time spent online w/the Warp IAK [Detailapplication/zip 7.72 KB1995/06/12
antcplog.zipDisplay time on-line w/IAK based on TCP/IP logfile [Detailapplication/zip 7.08 KB1995/05/21
aprsrv11.zipSimple OS/2 APRS IGate [Detailapplication/zip 152.22 KB2002/01/16
bootpd.zipPort of BSD BOOTP daemon w/some DHCP support [Detailapplication/zip 176.83 KB1995/09/15
cantwait.zipCan't Wait - speeds web browsing by decreasing the MTU size [Detailapplication/zip 1.96 KB1998/11/03
cimon096.zipcimon 0.9.6 provides a command line interface to the "floppy-isdn4linux" (http://www.fli4l.de) imon daemon, and was written to talk to imond from scripts. [Detailapplication/zip 38.57 KB2002/04/08
clpsrv.zipTCP/IP clipboard server (req. IBM TCP/IP) [Detailapplication/zip 32.19 KB1995/01/30
clust117.zipPhone cost / online time tracking utility [Detailapplication/zip 244.73 KB2000/04/04
connstat03.zipConnStat beta 0.3 ISDNPM Connection Log Analyzer [Detailapplication/zip 19.23 KB2003/06/30
cpyiak101.zipDuplicate SlipPM entries from command line v1.01 [Detailapplication/zip 5.92 KB1995/06/26
crl073b1.zipPhone cost / online time tracking utility [Detailapplication/zip 53.67 KB1998/06/09
delegate792-os2.zipDelegate version 7.9.2 for OS/2 (March 26, 2002) [Detailapplication/zip 640.93 KB2002/03/28
dig20.zipDig v2.0, domain name query utility (req. emxrt.zip) [Detailapplication/zip 90.97 KB1996/01/13
disdns.zipdisdns speeds net access by bypassing DNS [Detailapplication/zip 5.14 KB1999/03/11
dlurlea.zipAdd .URL/.SUBJECT extended attribute to Mozilla downloads [Detailapplication/zip 14.79 KB2005/07/05
dtdns-upd1.zipCommand line DTDNS dynamic dns updater [Detailapplication/zip 32.66 KB2004/07/27
easywake30-os2.zipEasyWake 3.0 Wake-on-LAN manager [Detailapplication/zip 112.51 KB2011/02/18
fli4l2-206a.zipThe necessary files for creating fli4l floppys in OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 195.44 KB2002/12/06
fngpng10.zipPM-based finger and ping program [Detailapplication/zip 125.6 KB1996/10/16
forlog1.zipA nothing program to keep a modem connection alive [Detailapplication/zip 47.64 KB1996/05/27
freenet_scripts.zipScripts for running Freenet [Detailapplication/zip 5.1 KB2003/12/19
freetcp.zipUse Warp Internet Access Kit (Red/Blue box) on a LAN [Detailapplication/zip 116.94 KB1995/09/02
ftppipe-1_00.zipFTPpipe 1.00 - pipe to/from FTP servers from command line [Detailapplication/zip 35.66 KB2000/01/14
get-ip1a.zipREXX script to generate a file containing IP address and connect speed [Detailapplication/zip 3.33 KB1996/12/30
getip011.zipRetrieves the external host Internet IP address. [Detailapplication/zip 13.6 KB2004/01/12
host.zipImplements the UNIX _host_ command for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 19.64 KB1996/07/22
HostInfo_2-2.zipHostInfo 2.2 (2012-05-06) [Detailapplication/zip 33.08 KB2021/09/09
httptunnel_033_os2_bin.zipOS/2 port of GNU HTTPTunnel 0.3.3 [Detailapplication/zip 265.99 KB2002/05/28
iakprmpt.zipPrompt for information from SLIPPM dialing scripts [Detailapplication/zip 68.69 KB1995/04/11
iaktim12.zipWarp Internet Access Kit online time calculator [Detailapplication/zip 87.7 KB1995/08/10
iaktimes.zipDisplay SLIPPM connection times from TCPOS2.INI [Detailapplication/zip 3.1 KB1995/05/29
igos2145.zipInternet Gate v1.45 for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 650.64 KB1999/07/08
ijfire.exeInJoy Firewall 3.0 [Detailapplication/x-dosexec 3.34 MB2004/06/10
ijfire12.zipInJoy Firewall [Detailapplication/zip 1.16 MB1999/08/25
ijfire14.zipInJoy Firewall [Detailapplication/zip 1.43 MB2000/03/16
ijgwy1_0.zipInJoy Gateway for Cable Modems. [Detailapplication/zip 163.67 KB1999/01/19
inetd10.zipOS/2 port of BSD inetd (Internet super server) [Detailapplication/zip 87.29 KB1995/04/09
inetlg71.zipConnection log analyzer for IBM Global Network and/or InJoy dialers. [Detailapplication/zip 100.79 KB2000/02/14
inettime.zipLOGTIME ANALYSIS FOR IBM.NET (Advantis) users [Detailapplication/zip 12.01 KB1998/01/29
INIServe_3.1.zipServer and demo client for remote editing of INI files. [Detailapplication/zip 380.4 KB2020/07/01
ipformatx.zipIPFORMAT Look-alike [Detailapplication/zip 40.34 KB2002/05/10
iprates.zipREXX command graphical display of TCP/IP connection rates (req: VREXX) [Detailapplication/zip 10.26 KB1996/07/01
isdnkost.zipAnalyzes isdnpm.log and calculates daily/total costs [Detailapplication/zip 9.61 KB1996/10/17
isdnpm27.zipTCP/IP Connections over ISDN with a 'CAPI.DLL' [Detailapplication/zip 159.6 KB1996/11/23
jigsawcmd.zipREXX add-on for the Jigsaw WWW daemon [Detailapplication/zip 9.8 KB1999/06/14
kcg.zipDetermine precise ISP time-out interval; retain dial-up connections using FTP or PING [Detailapplication/zip 10.36 KB1999/08/10
logenh11.zipFlexible login for TCP/IP (req. IBM TCP/IP) [Detailapplication/zip 85.77 KB1995/01/30
lpr32.zipPORT DRIVE + SOURCE REPLACE LPRPORTD.EXE and LPRMON.EXE [Detailapplication/zip 157.1 KB2001/07/18
mailto.zipSimple non-interactive SMTP mailer. [Detailapplication/zip 61.82 KB2002/06/26
mimms-0.0.9.zipMiMMS isn't an MMS Message Sender [Detailapplication/zip 152.96 KB2006/05/15
mmsrip.zipsave mms:// streams to a file [Detailapplication/zip 35.52 KB2004/05/03
modemiak.zipAdd support for more modems w/IBM Internet Access Kit [Detailapplication/zip 5.4 KB1996/01/07
mountfs.zipRemount NFS drives (for IBM TCP/IP) [Detailapplication/zip 2.62 KB1995/07/07
mping09.zipMPING - program for node monitoring through TCP/IP [Detailapplication/zip 48.29 KB1998/03/11
mtr-0-51-bin.zipMatt's traceroute [v0.51] [Detailapplication/zip 97.97 KB2002/11/18
my2s_1b.zipCalculating and tax IP-statistic and traffic structure (Sterver) [Detailapplication/zip 442.11 KB1998/04/16
my2www05.zipWEB control access / Decoder / Virtual server maker for GoWeb 4.6.1 (4.6) / My2 Server support [Detailapplication/zip 211.36 KB1998/06/11
my2_1b.zipCalculating and tax IP-statistic and traffic structure (Standalone) [Detailapplication/zip 442.14 KB1998/04/16
nc1_10-os2.zipport of the netcat tool [Detailapplication/zip 142.02 KB2001/02/07
netf135.zipNetFolder v1.35, Folder full of OS/2 URL objects [Detailapplication/zip 144.61 KB1996/06/05
netslct.zipnetselect 0.2, an ultrafast intelligent parallelizing binary-search implementation of "ping." [Detailapplication/zip 58.71 KB2000/03/16
netwatch.zipNETWATCH for OS/2 version 2.0 [Detailapplication/zip 623.59 KB1999/03/11
nifmon.zipdisplays a small window to monitor network interface speed [Detailapplication/zip 35.71 KB1997/03/17
nslint.zipA lint program for DNS files [Detailapplication/zip 124.39 KB2001/07/18
nsping.zipNSPING v0.8 for OS/2. A DNS ping program. [Detailapplication/zip 55.51 KB2001/07/18
nukespy.zipNUKE monitoring program for TCP/IP [Detailapplication/zip 26.05 KB1995/10/28
openjade-1.3.3-pre1.zipOpenjade source tree [Detailapplication/zip 3.9 MB2004/12/20
opensp-1.5.1.zipOpenSP source tree [Detailapplication/zip 1.85 MB2004/12/20
openvpn.zipsee http://openvpn.net [Detailapplication/zip 520.75 KB2006/12/18
openvpn_src.zipSource code for port of openvpn to OS/2. [Detailapplication/zip 1.83 MB2006/12/18
os2nosv4.zipTCP/IP for OS/2 (via SLIP), text-based [Detailapplication/zip 316.86 KB1995/01/30
passwd.zipIBM TCPIP passwd file maintenance utilities [Detailapplication/zip 55.03 KB1995/01/30
ping-w4.zipFreeBSD ping compiled for Warp4 [Detailapplication/zip 55.84 KB1997/03/10
ping.zipping utility with source code. [Detailapplication/zip 20.21 KB2000/11/21
pinky.zipA little finger client for OS/2 (req. EMX) [Detailapplication/zip 3 KB1997/04/30
pmfd10c.zipGUI finger daemon for TCP/IP [Detailapplication/zip 19.47 KB1995/12/13
pmnos11x.zipKA9Q TCP/IP for ax25 & SLIP, PM-based [Detailapplication/zip 411.81 KB1995/01/30
pmnos1dx.zipTCP/IP for OS/2 (via SLIP) PM-based [Detailapplication/zip 401.63 KB1995/01/30
pppoe1_0.zipInJoy PPPoE Client [Detailapplication/zip 751.8 KB2000/09/06
prtscn18.zipTCP/IP Portscanner with Portmapper support [Detailapplication/zip 128.25 KB1998/04/07
redir-2_0.zipVer 2.0. Redirect local TCP/IP ports to another port on a local or remote system. [Detailapplication/zip 81.42 KB1999/04/29
rmx.zipRMX, execute programs remotely via TCP/IP / Named Pipes [Detailapplication/zip 551.46 KB1995/03/30
rneto101.zipRacerNet - Hosts file manager for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 1.08 MB1999/03/08
roumon9a.zipStatus Monitor for DSL-Routers [Detailapplication/zip 59.58 KB2003/03/24
rxCalcNet002.zipSubnet Calculator v0.02 [Detailapplication/zip 7.82 KB2011/04/26
rx_slip.zipMonitor and keep SLIP connections up [Detailapplication/zip 42.64 KB1995/01/30
samba.zipBinaries of samba 2.0.7 [Detailapplication/zip 4.31 MB2000/10/23
sendip.zipFree internet program to query/email current IP address [Detailapplication/zip 63.81 KB1996/06/08
sendip21.zipsendip v2.1 - (REXX) Use email to distribute your dynamic IP [Detailapplication/zip 3.76 KB1996/12/08
sndip120.zipSend IP - OS/2 PM program to send dynamic IPs [Detailapplication/zip 32.2 KB1996/11/16
sockd.zipSockD for OS/2 v1.19 - PM socks server] [Detailapplication/zip 312.01 KB1998/11/12
socks01.zipAdd SOCKS firewall server support to IBM TCP/IP [Detailapplication/zip 680.92 KB1995/10/28
socks5-os2-980512.zipNEC socks5 server for OS/2 (freeware) [Detailapplication/zip 141.77 KB2000/02/22
socksd-2.2.6-os2.zipsocks daemon with portmaps, plugins, http and pop3 proxy. [Detailapplication/zip 273.71 KB2003/12/05
socksd-2.2.7-os2.zipsocks daemon with portmaps, plugins, http and pop3 proxy. [Detailapplication/zip 274.02 KB2004/03/22
sock_002.zipSocket Controller v0.02 alpha [Detailapplication/zip 80.06 KB1998/11/20
soclose.zipsoclose - Socket closer [Detailapplication/zip 16.13 KB1999/03/16
ssesauth001.zipSecurity/2 External Password Authentication DLL for IPS [Detailapplication/zip 19.04 KB2004/03/26
strobe103.zipSuper optimized TCP port surveyor [Detailapplication/zip 60.61 KB1999/02/01
tcpleds10.zipNetwork traffic on your keyboard LEDs (w/source) [Detailapplication/zip 15.95 KB1998/06/19
tcpspray.zipTCP speed meter (req: emx) (incl: source) [Detailapplication/zip 8.1 KB1996/09/18
thumb10.zipThumb, a finger utility (req. IBM TCP/IP) [Detailapplication/zip 458.87 KB1995/01/30
tiafaq.zipUse The Internet Access (TIA) w/OS/2 TCP/IP [Detailapplication/zip 23.74 KB1995/03/11
timein.zipConstant TCP/IP Pinging utility [Detailapplication/zip 20.27 KB1997/02/20
tnl120.zipPowerful IP Tunneling tool. Build a VPN and save money. [Detailapplication/zip 855.13 KB1998/04/02
tracerte.zipTCP/IP traceroute w/source [Detailapplication/zip 30.63 KB1995/04/14
vector.zipNeoComm Vector Multicast file transfer utility. [Detailapplication/zip 1.32 MB2000/01/04
veohurl2.zipveoh-OriginalURL/2 ver 0.3a [Detailapplication/zip 77.83 KB2008/05/14
w3iaku2a.zipUpdates Warp 3 IAK TCP/IP v2.0 stack to latest standard [Detailapplication/zip 1.51 MB1997/03/24
warp4fli-011.zipProgram to use with fli4l Router with os/2 [Detailapplication/zip 865.17 KB2003/08/08
warp4fli-012.zipProgram to use os/2 as a Client for a fli4l Router. [Detailapplication/zip 857.85 KB2003/08/20
winnuke.zipcloses unwanted server connections [Detailapplication/zip 34 KB1997/05/27
zampa10b.zipZampa firewall configuration for TCP/IP 4.1 and up [Detailapplication/zip 89.82 KB2000/10/27