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3DBar_0-7b.zip3DBar 0.7 Beta (1997-02-10) [Detailapplication/zip 191.08 KB2019/09/03
9live121.zip9 Lives Version 1.21.(29-Jan-1994) 9 Lives gives you [Detailapplication/zip 70.46 KB2003/01/15
9lives-hck.zip9 Lives 1.21 SDD hack (1994-Jan-29). This is a hack [Detailapplication/zip 70.8 KB2003/01/15
AddIcon_1-1.zipAddIcon version 1.1 (1992-07-11) [Detailapplication/zip 5.07 KB2021/02/04
AllInf_3-02.zipAllInf version 3.02 (1993-03-11) [Detailapplication/zip 5.83 KB2021/02/04
Archive_99-276.zipArchive version 99.276 (1999-10-03) [Detailapplication/zip 9.46 KB2021/02/04
AssociationEditor_2-1-2.zipAssociation Editor 2.1.2 (1999-09-26) [Detailapplication/zip 310.61 KB2021/07/21
AWAnimator_0-95beta.zipAdvanced Window Animator version 0.95 beta (2001-05-22) [Detailapplication/zip 587.03 KB2021/02/04
basicblk1-0-1.wpiBasic black folder icon theme for eCS 2.x [Detailapplication/octet-stream 1.27 MB2007/12/06
battery-20200616.zipBattery Power XCenter widget [Detailapplication/zip 31.57 KB2020/06/16
Black_Hole_0-3.zipBlack Hole (1992-11-19) [Detailapplication/zip 34.55 KB2019/08/04
boincwdgt.zipBoinc5 client work unit monitor Xcenter/eCenter widget [Detailapplication/zip 1.46 KB2007/11/26
BTask_1-01a.zipBTask 1.01a (1995-12-03) [Detailapplication/zip 71.7 KB2021/04/13
BubblePad_1-08.zipBubblePad 1.08 (2011-12-18) [Detailapplication/zip 355.56 KB2021/04/13
bubblepad_v105.zipBubblepad is a replacement class for the launchpad of Warp3/4. Flyover help for the buttons, reducing of the pad size by reordering of the buttons. Option to hide the drawer buttons. English and german version. [Detailapplication/zip 182.46 KB2003/06/30
bubblepad_v107.zipBubblepad is a replacement class for the launchpad of Warp3/4. Flyover help for the buttons, reducing of the pad size by reordering of the buttons. Option to hide the drawer buttons. English and german version. [Detailapplication/zip 174.02 KB2004/06/21
bubpd102.zipThis new class provides bubblehelp for all the buttons of your launchpad. With this enhancemant it is possible to distinguish all the 40 folders on the launchpad, which have all the same icon. Never click a wrong button again. [Detailapplication/zip 139.55 KB2003/01/15
CandyBarZ_1-30b2.zipCandyBarz 1.30 beta 2 (1999-07-14) [Detailapplication/zip 532.38 KB2019/09/03
CandyBarZ_1-40b1.zipCandyBarz 1.40 beta 1 (2000-10-18) [Detailapplication/zip 614.52 KB2019/09/03
CCa_Presents_1-02.zipCCa Presents 1.02 (1995-10-20) [Detailapplication/zip 206.57 KB2021/04/13
Cell_Toolkit_0-7b.zipCell toolkit 0.7b (25/10/2000). [Detailapplication/zip 41.04 KB2012/02/17
Change_Controls_2-1a.zipChange Controls 2.1a (1996-01-03) [Detailapplication/zip 311.05 KB2021/04/13
CHG_CTLS_2-1.zipCHG_CTLS 2.1 (1996-01-28) [Detailapplication/zip 309.02 KB2021/05/10
Chngbckg_1-0.zipBackground BMP Randomiser 1.00 script (1995-04-30) [Detailapplication/zip 2.35 KB2021/06/14
classman.zipWPS class manager written with VX REXX [Detailapplication/zip 412.45 KB1997/02/14
classmgr01.zipsmall applet for the management of the WPS classes. [Detailapplication/zip 19.73 KB2003/08/25
CMDFldr_1-51.zipCMDFldr v1.51 (1994-07-01) [Detailapplication/zip 24.53 KB2021/04/13
CMDRun_1-3.zipCMDRun 1.3 (2001-08-27) [Detailapplication/zip 34.31 KB2021/04/13
ColourManager_1-1b.wpiColourManager/2 1.1b (2003/05/10) [Detailapplication/octet-stream 353.46 KB2019/08/29
ColourManager_2_src_1-11b.zipColourManager/2 1.1b source code. [Detailapplication/zip 2.05 MB2019/09/16
Console_0-1-0.zipConsole 0.1.0 (1997-09-29) [Detailapplication/zip 146.46 KB2021/04/13
CpPal_0-30.zipCpPal 0.30 (2001-11-15) [Detailapplication/zip 53.74 KB2021/06/14
crsh-010.zipCreate Shadows of the Most Recently Used Files [Detailapplication/zip 21.12 KB1999/01/23
css10.zipCss v1.00, start command shells on a file/folder [Detailapplication/zip 18.75 KB1995/12/24
dat600e4.zipDialog Enhancer '99 Dialog Pack file - Warp 4.0 (English) [Detailapplication/zip 803.23 KB1999/06/15
DDIcon_1-0.zipDDIcon 0.1.0 (1999-11-17) [Detailapplication/zip 845.74 KB2021/05/01
de.zipDisk Explorer [Detailapplication/zip 10.76 KB2001/09/24
de99_200.zipDialog Enhancer '99 Installer - Ver 2.00 (English) [Detailapplication/zip 438.79 KB1999/06/15
dereg.zipDeReg, list/deregister Workplace Shell classes [Detailapplication/zip 60.53 KB1995/12/24
DeRegisterer_0-4.zipDeRegister v0.4 (1995-02-09). Deregisters Workplace Shell classes [Detailapplication/zip 289.67 KB2013/09/30
doublico.zipRexx utility (Dutch/Nederlands) to show fully identical icon files [Detailapplication/zip 32.3 KB2014/10/05
drgtxt39.zipDragText v3.9 [Detailapplication/zip 568.14 KB2008/01/02
dw1410.zipDesktop Wizard v1.41 - 32bit Workplace shell enhancement [Detailapplication/zip 1.32 MB1997/01/22
dz175PR.zipPre-release of the newest version of Dropzone. WPS/PM enhancement suite [Detailapplication/zip 183.91 KB1996/10/23
ecs_animated_cursors.zipContains eCS and other animated mouse cursors [Detailapplication/zip 65.33 KB2004/11/08
ecs_os2_ani_blinkinglights_ptrs.zipAnimated moused pointers for eComstation and OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 97.07 KB2005/05/24
ecs_os2_ani_flag_ptrs.zipAnimated moused pointers for eComstation and OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 105.65 KB2005/05/13
eCS_OS2_Ani_Mouse_Ptrs.zipAnimated Mouse Pointers for eCs and OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 268.75 KB2005/03/21
ecs_os2_bkgrnds.zipDesktop background images in 1024x768x256 colors [Detailapplication/zip 3.33 MB2004/11/08
edgefx.zipDisplay marquee-style lights on your desktop [Detailapplication/zip 37.87 KB1995/01/30
estlrbootlist.zipBootList for eStylerLite. [Detailapplication/zip 10.42 KB2002/06/24
estlrpatch.zipeStyerLite for eComStation patch. Version [Detailapplication/zip 33.34 KB2002/08/15
estlrshutdown.zipCommand line shutdown for eStylerLite. [Detailapplication/zip 7.73 KB2002/08/15
estlr_utldll.zipeStylerLite utility DLL update. [Detailapplication/zip 54.79 KB2003/10/16
estyler_buttons.zipVarious colored and designed buttons for eStyler lite [Detailapplication/zip 168.15 KB2008/01/02
execnet.zip'Program Start' object - start batchfiles hidden [Detailapplication/zip 16.69 KB1997/10/17
extdesk.zipExtended Desktop Switcher, single program object to dis-/enable Extended Desktop [Detailapplication/zip 2.89 KB2011/07/03
facelift.zipeCS facelifting howto & theme creator [Detailapplication/zip 205.78 KB2003/07/21
feelx11a.zipGives X-windows like Feel to WPS [Detailapplication/zip 434.26 KB1995/01/31
fih113.zipFIH113, Frobozz Icon Heaven - Store & Assign icons with drag & drop [Detailapplication/zip 120.79 KB1996/06/25
fileb205.zipFileBar v2.05, app launcher & shell replacement [Detailapplication/zip 227.72 KB1995/06/26
filesys3.wpia WPS class replacement for WPFileSystem/WPSystem [Detailapplication/octet-stream 64.94 KB2016/10/02
fixlck10.zipOS/2 WPS replacement WPObject class [Detailapplication/zip 8.15 KB2000/08/18
flip.zipFlips your workplace shell screen using DIVE [Detailapplication/zip 18.44 KB1995/10/09
float.zipFloat v1.0, keep windows floating on top of others [Detailapplication/zip 14.65 KB1995/01/30
fo10.zipOpen one or more folders from commandline, bring to foreground [Detailapplication/zip 11.7 KB1997/10/20
folder.zipDialog box helps create new folder on desktop [Detailapplication/zip 7.13 KB1996/02/06
folder10.zipOpen WPS directory/drive objects from commandline [Detailapplication/zip 11.28 KB1997/09/02
fpos080.zipa tool to clean up a forgotten corner of os2.ini [Detailapplication/zip 86.04 KB2007/07/06
ftaskbar.zipFM/2 Taskbar, control running programs [Detailapplication/zip 47.43 KB1995/10/28
gfoldr.zipGroup Folder (IBM EWS), split folders into sections [Detailapplication/zip 89.96 KB1995/01/30
hbinspect050c.zipHB Object Inspector 0.5.0c [Detailapplication/zip 46.45 KB2003/08/20
hotc22.zipHot Corners 2.2 [Detailapplication/zip 156.42 KB1999/10/05
hots11.zipHot Scroll 1.1 [Detailapplication/zip 81.68 KB1999/01/19
hots11_src.zipHot Scroll 1.1 Source Code (2003/03/06) [Detailapplication/zip 57.31 KB2012/03/16
hwman16.wpia WPS class replacement for HWManager (the OS/2 Hardware Manager) [Detailapplication/octet-stream 130.23 KB2020/04/18
iconomize081.zipa unique tool to reduce the bloat in os2.ini [Detailapplication/zip 86.42 KB2007/07/13
icontalk.zipDisplay messages below icons/in title bars [Detailapplication/zip 3.6 KB1995/01/30
icon_190.zipIcontool, manipulate objects and query objects setupstrings, version 1.90 [Detailapplication/zip 154.28 KB1999/02/17
inf2icon.zipCreates icons with proper names of your INF files [Detailapplication/zip 1.53 KB1999/01/13
infol102.zipInfoline v1.02, display system info in a bar [Detailapplication/zip 24.61 KB1995/01/30
ini2rexx.zipConverts OS/2 INI files to human editable Rexx scripts [Detailapplication/zip 32.37 KB2002/03/28
ini2rexx_01202.zipConverts OS/2 INI files to human editable Rexx scripts [Detailapplication/zip 2.43 KB2017/03/28
inias007.zipINI Assistant 0.0.7 (10.03.2001) [Detailapplication/zip 29.6 KB2001/03/19
interc.zipIntercept/disable icon arrange and desktop lockup [Detailapplication/zip 24.05 KB1995/01/30
jsort13.zipJsortpm v1.3, unlimited size/key/#key sort program [Detailapplication/zip 59.84 KB1995/10/28
kbplus12.zipHotkey macro support for PM; use Win95 keys too. Ver. 1.2 [Detailapplication/zip 550.66 KB1999/02/05
killfold-fix.zipKillFolder, closes all open folders on the desktop [Detailapplication/zip 14.43 KB2017/08/20
killfold.zipKillFolder, closes all open folders on the desktop [Detailapplication/zip 23.86 KB1995/06/12
launchhk.zipTap pointer against desktop border to activate launchpad [Detailapplication/zip 29.31 KB1996/09/11
lockdown.zipLOCKDOWN V1.03 REXX package to lockdown wps by objectid. [Detailapplication/zip 6.95 KB1998/02/02
Login_0-4.zipLogin v0.4 (1994-03-05). [Detailapplication/zip 473.42 KB2013/09/30
lowerz.zipLower a window's z-order by clocking on it [Detailapplication/zip 13.79 KB1995/01/30
lp-wpi-20191115.zip3D Launch pad [Detailapplication/zip 245.17 KB2019/12/01
lp-wpi-20200910.zip3D Launch pad [Detailapplication/zip 243.79 KB2020/09/17
lsw260cz.zipCzech resources for lSwitcher 2.60, requires lsw260en.zip [Detailapplication/zip 9.19 KB2002/02/26
lsw260en.ziplSwitcher v2.60 English, feature-rich task switcher [Detailapplication/zip 166.7 KB2002/01/22
lsw260es.zipSpanish resources for lSwitcher 2.60, requires lsw260en.zip [Detailapplication/zip 2.74 KB2003/09/19
lsw260ru.zipRussian resources for lSwitcher 2.60, requires lsw260en.zip [Detailapplication/zip 9.53 KB2002/01/22
lsw260src.zipSource code for lSwitcher 2.60 [Detailapplication/zip 106.12 KB2002/01/22
lsw26fix1src.zipSource code for lSwitcher 2.60 fix 1 [Detailapplication/zip 122.22 KB2002/12/16
lsw270.ziplSwitcher v2.70 feature-rich task switcher [Detailapplication/zip 237.45 KB2004/04/14
lsw270de.zipGerman resources for lSwitcher v2.70 [Detailapplication/zip 25.29 KB2004/05/24
lsw270src.zipSource code for lSwitcher 2.70 [Detailapplication/zip 143.41 KB2004/04/14
lsw271b0.ziplSwitcher v2.71 beta 0 feature-rich task switcher [Detailapplication/zip 262.25 KB2009/10/31
lsw271b0src.ziplSwitcher v2.71 beta 0 source code [Detailapplication/zip 888.54 KB2009/10/31
lswidget26fix1.ziplSwitcher widget V2.60 fix 1 for XWorkplace [Detailapplication/zip 54.83 KB2002/12/16
lSwitcher-2-90-0-0.ziplswitcher 2.80 is a OS/2 task switcher [Detailapplication/zip 310.41 KB2018/02/02
lSwitcher-2-92-0-0.wpilswitcher is an OS/2 task switcher [Detailapplication/octet-stream 406.6 KB2020/10/15
makdoc.zipMakeDoc, create icons for .INF files [Detailapplication/zip 8.65 KB1995/01/30
makeobj.zipMakeObj.CMD v1.05 [Detailapplication/zip 14.49 KB1999/06/30
md-0-2-0.wpiMulti users/desktops for OS/2 [Detailapplication/octet-stream 356.99 KB2001/07/19
mdesk13.zipMDesk v1.3, a set fot desktop tools and shell replacement [Detailapplication/zip 372.92 KB1996/05/07
mdsk14.zipMakeDesk v1.30, save/restore Workplace Shell desktop [Detailapplication/zip 33.05 KB1995/01/30
mig21a.zipMigration Aid v1.00a, alternative to the Migration tool [Detailapplication/zip 26.43 KB1995/01/30
minall.zipMinall, minimize all windows on the desktop [Detailapplication/zip 13.75 KB1996/01/18
miniapps.zipMiniapps, time, date, and uptime applets (w/src) [Detailapplication/zip 58.11 KB1995/01/30
mkey110.zipApplication-dependent titlebar buttons, hotkeymanager, mousepointer animations and more [Detailapplication/zip 333.98 KB1997/07/21
mlsw101.zipMicrolearn Switcher, ALT+TAB task switch like Windows [Detailapplication/zip 42.45 KB1995/01/30
mnicon2.zipMNIcon, WPIcon enhancement, allows drag & drop [Detailapplication/zip 19.05 KB1996/02/10
mole.zipMole III, terminate badly behaved programs [Detailapplication/zip 16.82 KB1995/01/30
monitordaemon01.zipReal-time monitoring of CPU temperature and actual swap usage [Detailapplication/zip 5.32 KB1999/03/11
more_ecs_ani_mouse_ptrs.zipAnimated moused pointers for eComstation [Detailapplication/zip 454.3 KB2005/05/24
movingdesktopobjects100.zipHelps to get rid of moving desktop objects [Detailapplication/zip 9.66 KB2014/03/02
mshell.zipMini PM shell for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 57.74 KB1995/01/30
mshell_ow.zipMini PM shell for OS/2 Open Watcom Version [Detailapplication/zip 72.2 KB2006/12/08
mudesk_src_0_2_0.zipMultiDesk (MuDesk) 0.2.0 source code (2002/04/30). Multi users/desktops for OS/2. [Detailapplication/zip 2.06 MB2013/07/26
mypul033.zipMyPulse, an enhanced CPU monitor [Detailapplication/zip 42.51 KB1995/04/27
newdl11a.zipReplaces the WinFileDlg (Open File) [Detailapplication/zip 1.74 KB1996/07/04
NewLook-CBZ_1-01.zipNewlook Theme v1.01 for CandyBarZ (1999-12-28) [Detailapplication/zip 18.16 KB2019/09/03
newpad.zipNew Pad v1.00, create new Launchpads [Detailapplication/zip 14.27 KB1995/04/27
newurl_03.zipURL object creator. [Detailapplication/zip 87.12 KB2006/05/15
newwarp.zipNew look and feel for Warp 3.0 (req. HPFS) [Detailapplication/zip 342.36 KB1997/06/19
newwind.zipNew windows, scrollbars, etc. for Warp 3.0 [Detailapplication/zip 1.29 MB1997/06/19
new_lnch.zipModify the behavior of the Warp launchpad [Detailapplication/zip 3.38 KB1995/07/14
nice-os2-v572.zipNice-OS/2 Enhancer, a system tool to extend PM interface. [Detailapplication/zip 1.61 MB2021/03/09
nmcgadgt_20060515.zipA new cool monthly calendar gadget [Detailapplication/zip 124.86 KB2006/05/25
nobleNote_1-0-7.zipnobleNote 1.0.7 (2013-03-21) [Detailapplication/zip 368.11 KB2021/07/20
npsit181.zipNPS WPS Enhancer - Italian version files [Detailapplication/zip 12.95 KB1996/03/14
npswa01.zip2 additional window animation sets for npswp181.zip [Detailapplication/zip 23.1 KB1995/10/28
npswp182.zipNPS WPS Enhancer v1.82 - Over 20 functions enhance OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 99.04 KB1996/11/26
objdskpro.zipStardock's Object Desktop Professional [Detailapplication/zip 1.01 MB1996/08/05
obj_234.zipPM edit, delete, launch, inspect program objects [Detailapplication/zip 281.11 KB1997/06/23
od20_archview_icons.zipReplacement DLLs for Object Desktop 2.0 Archive Viewers with prettier icons [Detailapplication/zip 124.97 KB2002/02/05
odp-demo.zipTrial version of Object Desktop Professional [Detailapplication/zip 5.7 MB1997/09/08
oo110.zipwork with _any_ WPS object from a prompt or script [Detailapplication/zip 76.13 KB2007/07/06
open201.zipOpens objects from the commandline (v2.01) [Detailapplication/zip 62.32 KB1998/03/13
os2c.zipOS/2 Center - small taskbar,clock,cpu meter [Detailapplication/zip 16 KB1999/11/15
os2magni.zipOS/2 magnification glass utility - from DAP CD [Detailapplication/zip 33.47 KB1995/01/30
pc2v220.zipPC/2 is a WPS enhancement or replacement. Features configurable program launcher, Virtual Desktops, etc. [Detailapplication/zip 1.46 MB2000/12/04
pcd219r.zipPopCD!, Pop Up CD-ROM Object Utility [Detailapplication/zip 159.38 KB1999/12/14
pcd220r.zipPopCD!, Pop Up CD-ROM Object Utility [Detailapplication/zip 170.17 KB2004/09/16
pcrunw.zipPCRun, run any executable file without creating objects [Detailapplication/zip 69.09 KB1995/05/24
pgmg036.zipPage Mage v0.36, virtual desktop [Detailapplication/zip 59.29 KB1995/08/11
Pillbox-CBZ.zipPillbox Theme for CandyBarZ (1999-12-28) [Detailapplication/zip 20.56 KB2019/09/03
pmlogin.zipPM login program, provides multiple desktops to WPS [Detailapplication/zip 11.05 KB1995/01/30
pmopen.zipPM Open - like the Run command on Win'95 start menu [Detailapplication/zip 9.97 KB1997/02/10
pmp016.zipPMPause v0.16: typing monitor, OOS micropause hints [Detailapplication/zip 27.95 KB1998/01/28
pmpopup.zipWrite a short message to the screen in a dialog box [Detailapplication/zip 2.48 KB1995/01/30
pmpopup2.zipPmPopup/2, create a configurable dialog box [Detailapplication/zip 24.48 KB1995/09/02
pmstrike.zipPM Strike v1.02e, task list switcher [Detailapplication/zip 34.44 KB1995/01/30
pmswitch.zipPM Switch, switch quickly between program sessions [Detailapplication/zip 12.76 KB1995/01/30
pmtposd2.zipOn Screen Display utility for most Thinkpad laptops [Detailapplication/zip 29.36 KB2005/11/04
pmtree30.zipDisplay PM window hierarchy (from IBM) [Detailapplication/zip 98.68 KB1995/01/30
PMVDesk_0-25.zipPMVDesk 0.25 (1994-01-05) [Detailapplication/zip 204.5 KB2020/03/02
PopCD-2_20.zipPopCD!, Pop Up CD-ROM Object Utility (2004-09-12). Binaries and Source Code. [Detailapplication/zip 938.89 KB2011/03/13
popup104.zipEntryfield PopUp menu for cut and paste without keyboard. [Detailapplication/zip 27.68 KB1999/06/15
prcr122.zipProgram Creator v1.22 - create program objects easily [Detailapplication/zip 11.54 KB1997/01/27
privf.zipPrivate Folder v1.21, password protect private folders [Detailapplication/zip 54.31 KB1995/01/30
progref.zipGenerate program reference objects from executables [Detailapplication/zip 19.59 KB1995/09/15
pumon2.zipSystem monitoring tool for OS/2 PM [Detailapplication/zip 71.75 KB1999/06/15
PU_Monitor_v2-1b166.zipPU Monitor for OS/2 PM version 2.1 (build 166) (19/02/2002). [Detailapplication/zip 149.56 KB2012/02/17
quitprog.zipForce a PM program save data and exit, from commandline (w/src) [Detailapplication/zip 15.05 KB1997/09/08
randombackground.zipScript to change any WPS folder's background image [Detailapplication/zip 81.43 KB2002/12/03
reboo101.zip(v1.01) Reboot/2 - creates a WPS folder for direct reboot of bootable partitions - FREEWARE [Detailapplication/zip 12.57 KB1999/02/01
recurse.zipFolder Recurse v1.0, recursive WPS folder settings [Detailapplication/zip 25.69 KB1996/01/14
rndbgd08.zipDisplay background bitmaps in a random fashion [Detailapplication/zip 16.15 KB1995/03/11
robosave.zipRobosave v3.04, backup your Workplace Shell desktop [Detailapplication/zip 100.72 KB1995/01/30
rssgadget-b1.zipRSS Gadget for WPS-Wizard [Detailapplication/zip 25.36 KB2019/03/27
run.zipSimple PM program launcher simliar to the winxx run dialog [Detailapplication/zip 95.28 KB2000/04/04
run_080.zipStart apps without scripts or config.sys entries [Detailapplication/zip 22.89 KB2009/06/04
run_java__20020707.zipcreates java13/131 program objects [Detailapplication/zip 10.55 KB2002/07/08
run_java__20030526.zipcreates java13/131 and/or java14 program objects [Detailapplication/zip 24.81 KB2003/05/29
rwx10.zipRWX - a SOM Class Explorer [Detailapplication/zip 35.73 KB1998/01/29
rxast190.zipREXX Autostart ver 1.90 (2003/Apr/03). Rexx Autostartis designed to provide a workaround for timing problems that may lead to a WPS hang on startup on certain OS/2 versions and fixlevels. (by Herwig Bauernfeind with additions from Chuck McKinnis) Source C [Detailapplication/zip 499.62 KB2003/05/29
rxast1911.exeRexxAutoStart - Startup utiliy [Detailapplication/x-dosexec 380.56 KB2005/06/13
scale.zipDisplay grayscale using Palette Manager (source incl.) [Detailapplication/zip 9.09 KB1995/01/30
scmouse.zipEasy access to Warp Center by mouse moving [Detailapplication/zip 12.67 KB1999/06/15
Security2_0-4-5.zipSecurity/2 0.4.5 (2005-11-17)iuser support for OS/2. Enables simultaneous work of several remote and local users on single OS/2 system with access and process control. (sses-0.4.5.zip) [Detailapplication/zip 615.87 KB2020/09/03
sessionl_p01.zipAsu'a Session List. Alternavite Window List. [Detailapplication/zip 52.27 KB2000/10/02
setbitm.zipCMD to change background of desktop [Detailapplication/zip 2.42 KB1998/06/03
setdefaultwpurlbrowser.zipChange default browser and working directory of new WPUrl objects [Detailapplication/zip 1.48 KB2019/04/22
setdf101.zipSet PM Default Font utility 1.01 [Detailapplication/zip 12.17 KB2000/04/04
seticon.zipAssign an icon to one or several programs/directories [Detailapplication/zip 264.6 KB1995/01/30
setview.zipchange the default view of a filder, by drag-and-drop [Detailapplication/zip 17.86 KB1997/05/27
shortcut.zipShortcut - replacement of OS/2 shadow class [Detailapplication/zip 47.5 KB1997/08/25
showtime.zipBackground changer and slideshow viewer [Detailapplication/zip 116.51 KB1998/07/14
sir_v1b.zipSwaps bitmaps in folders + desktop, swaps bootlogo, cleans up TMP/TEMP [Detailapplication/zip 672.16 KB1996/08/26
smartbar32.zip [Detailapplication/zip 633.72 KB2014/04/17
smbar31.zipOS/2 PM utility for monitoring various system activities [Detailapplication/zip 597.29 KB2000/07/31
smw161.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.6.1. [Detailapplication/zip 982.62 KB2000/06/08
smw163up.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.6.3 DLL update for all NLV. [Detailapplication/zip 52.46 KB2001/03/08
smw164de.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V. German version. (untested) [Detailapplication/zip 665.02 KB2001/07/17
smw164it.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V. Italian version. [Detailapplication/zip 670.28 KB2001/07/17
smw170ru.zipRussian language files for Styler/2 v.1.7 [Detailapplication/zip 416.93 KB2003/07/07
smw173ru.zipRussian language files for Styler/2 1.7.3 [Detailapplication/zip 80.93 KB2003/10/16
smw174.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4. [Detailapplication/zip 441.31 KB2003/12/05
smw174de.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - German. [Detailapplication/zip 446.07 KB2004/01/18
smw174dew3.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - German. [Detailapplication/zip 448.2 KB2004/01/18
smw174es.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Spanish. [Detailapplication/zip 446.32 KB2003/12/19
smw174esw3.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Spanish. [Detailapplication/zip 448.65 KB2003/12/19
smw174it.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Italian. [Detailapplication/zip 447.93 KB2003/12/19
smw174itw3.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Italian. [Detailapplication/zip 450.57 KB2003/12/19
smw174ru.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Russian. [Detailapplication/zip 446.56 KB2003/12/19
smw174ruw3.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Russian. [Detailapplication/zip 448.83 KB2003/12/19
smw174sv.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Swedish. [Detailapplication/zip 448.32 KB2003/12/19
smw174svw3.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4 - Swedish. [Detailapplication/zip 450.49 KB2003/12/19
smw174w3.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.4. [Detailapplication/zip 442.48 KB2003/12/05
smwitupd.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.6.1 - Italian version (update file) [Detailapplication/zip 374.19 KB2000/07/21
sn13.zipSystem notebook v1.3, display system settings [Detailapplication/zip 99.32 KB1995/01/30
sndys200.zipProcesses standard messages boxes automatically [Detailapplication/zip 207.58 KB1996/03/01
splash.zipFreeware startup screen for OS/2 [Detailapplication/zip 23.66 KB1997/05/27
sspace.zipScreenSpace - Small desktop utility to make windows autohide and more [Detailapplication/zip 312 KB1996/12/06
statbar.zipStatbar v1.1, display many statistics on a status bar [Detailapplication/zip 26.64 KB1995/01/30
stlr175.zipStyler/2 (Smart Windows) V.1.7.5. [Detailapplication/zip 114.41 KB2015/04/01
styler2_src_1-7-4.zipStyler/2 1.7.4 Source Code (2003) [Detailapplication/zip 4.03 MB2014/09/10
swbar.zipSimple task bar for OS [Detailapplication/zip 9.51 KB2000/11/13
switcher.zipWindows-like ALT+Tab Task Switcher [Detailapplication/zip 24.44 KB1995/08/21
switchto.zipswitch to tasks named on the command line, w/src [Detailapplication/zip 18.91 KB1999/04/21
swpro472.zipThe Secure Workplace V4.72 Professional Edition (1998-09-02) evaluation [Detailapplication/zip 957.63 KB2013/07/13
swstd471.zipThe Secure Workplace V4.71 Standard Edition evaluation (1998-08-24) trial. [Detailapplication/zip 764.31 KB2013/07/13
SysBar2_0-23.zipSysBar/2 0.23 (2004-09-22) [Detailapplication/zip 595.77 KB2021/06/14
sysset12.zipOS/2 WPS System Setup class [Detailapplication/zip 14.88 KB2000/06/13
syssound.zipBocaSoft System Sounds-WPS Enhancement [Detailapplication/zip 3.74 MB1999/08/25
systray2.zipSystrem Tray like WinX taskbar with monitors and other new features... With Tray API and sources... [Detailapplication/zip 78.27 KB2000/09/20
systray_1_1_release.zipSystray/2 is a complete system control center [Detailapplication/zip 284.06 KB2001/04/24
taskbar1_08.zipMark Kimes FM/2 Taskbar v1.08 [Detailapplication/zip 85.72 KB2003/11/13
taskbar1_08src.zipMark Kimes FM/2 Taskbar v1.08 GPL Source Code [Detailapplication/zip 60.56 KB2003/11/13
tasktime.zipTask Time, track time spent running different programs [Detailapplication/zip 24.79 KB1995/01/30
tbox3_22.zipA bar of running programs/open windows, win'95-style start menu [Detailapplication/zip 229.59 KB1997/10/20
tcn271cz.zipWorkplace Shell TrashCan 2.7.1 - Czech Version [Detailapplication/zip 225.75 KB2000/01/14
tcn271de.zipWorkplace Shell TrashCan 2.7.1 - German Version [Detailapplication/zip 223.72 KB2000/01/14
tcn271en.zipWorkplace Shell TrashCan 2.7.1 - English Version [Detailapplication/zip 217.16 KB2000/01/14
tcn271es.zipWorkplace Shell TrashCan 2.7.1 - Spanish Version [Detailapplication/zip 219.38 KB2000/01/14
tcn271fr.zipWorkplace Shell TrashCan 2.7.1 - French Version [Detailapplication/zip 228.86 KB2000/01/14
tcn271jp.zipWorkplace Shell TrashCan 2.7.1 - Japanese Version [Detailapplication/zip 217.38 KB2000/01/14
TheWall-3_50.zipThe Wall 3.50. Wallpaper Changer (2004-09-12). Binaries and Source Code. [Detailapplication/zip 1.1 MB2011/03/13
ticker2.zipPM Utility that displays text and bitmaps in a tickerline on desktop [Detailapplication/zip 667.82 KB1996/06/28
title.zipThis program modual was designed to add some missing funcitonality to OS/2. [Detailapplication/zip 4.48 KB2007/04/10
tkeep.zipTimekeeper, track the time you work on tasks [Detailapplication/zip 38.2 KB1995/01/30
tl.zipTL, display the Task List in the same place every time [Detailapplication/zip 3.34 KB1995/01/30
tposd105.zipOn Screen Display utility for most Thinkpad laptops [Detailapplication/zip 108.46 KB2005/11/15
tposd108.zipOn Screen Display utility for most Thinkpad laptops [Detailapplication/zip 111.25 KB2006/01/03
trashsqrt.zipMac-like trashcan for OS/2 Warp [Detailapplication/zip 48.97 KB1995/12/02
traymonitor12.zipTrayMonitor v1.2 monitoring client utility for SysTray/WPS [Detailapplication/zip 22.04 KB2004/12/10
traymonitor13.zipTrayMonitor v1.3 monitoring client utility for SysTray/WPS [Detailapplication/zip 22.51 KB2004/12/16
traymonitor14.zipTrayMonitor v1.4 monitoring client utility for SysTray/WPS [Detailapplication/zip 23.99 KB2005/03/18
traymonitor15.zipTrayMonitor v1.5 monitoring client utility for SysTray/WPS [Detailapplication/zip 48.78 KB2005/03/29
treefldr.zipTreeFolder: see both files & folders when in tree view [Detailapplication/zip 22.63 KB1997/02/10
trshc252.zipWorkplace shell trashcan v2.5.2 [Detailapplication/zip 799.42 KB1996/08/31
tskbr262.zipTaskbar v2.62, switch between programs via button bar [Detailapplication/zip 407.7 KB1995/10/21
tt106.zipdesktop elapsed timer [Detailapplication/zip 138.75 KB1998/06/09
udesktop.zipcommand-line PM window manipulator [Detailapplication/zip 29.97 KB2002/05/21
ultimate.zipUltimate, recreate WPS icons and folders [Detailapplication/zip 29.97 KB1995/01/30
updini12a.zipPut your OS/2 INIs on a RamDisk for faster access [Detailapplication/zip 26.98 KB2000/11/27
urlot01b.zipURLObjectTool - Enhncement for Warp4 URL- Objects [Detailapplication/zip 5.27 KB2000/04/04
utlpack.zipSheppard Software utility pack, 7 utilities [Detailapplication/zip 546.56 KB1996/03/19
vclassed16.zipAn easy to use and complete WPS' classes manager [Detailapplication/zip 44.06 KB2014/09/11
VClassed_src_1-6.zipVClassed version 1.6 source code (1998/12/28) [Detailapplication/zip 45.92 KB2014/09/10
vclsed10.zipPM WPS Class Editor, fast and easy to use [Detailapplication/zip 96.5 KB1996/09/16
vwin.zipMinimize/Restore command window via program [Detailapplication/zip 87.51 KB1998/06/03
wall340r.zipWallpaper Changer [Detailapplication/zip 274.75 KB2000/11/13
wall350r.zipWallpaper Changer [Detailapplication/zip 284.37 KB2004/09/16
Warp-CBZ.zipWarp Theme for CandyBarZ (1999-05-15) [Detailapplication/zip 56.92 KB2019/09/03
warp2merlin.zipPatch WPS with new Icons, Pointers,Fonts,Buttons from Merlin [Detailapplication/zip 401.65 KB1996/09/19
warpbar091.zipA multithreaded utility that shows system information on a bar and much more [Detailapplication/zip 78.18 KB1998/06/04
wckey.zipEnables a hotkey to open the desktop menu on the WarpCenter bar [Detailapplication/zip 16.1 KB1997/10/20
we025.zipWarp Enhancer v0.25 (Pre-Release of 1997/09/01) [Detailapplication/zip 144.73 KB1999/09/27
windowiz.zipHide/Show/Minimize/Restore/Close all folders or programs [Detailapplication/zip 27.52 KB1996/08/22
wl.zipWorkstation Lock, lock out keyboard use for OS/2 1.x [Detailapplication/zip 14.26 KB1995/01/30
wlm20.zipCommand Line utility for removing entries from window list [Detailapplication/zip 31.08 KB1996/07/27
wpcls137.zipReplacement WPS classes, add extra functionality [Detailapplication/zip 159.1 KB1995/12/02
wpdrv10.zipOS/2 WPS replacement WPDrives class [Detailapplication/zip 3.8 KB2004/10/07
wpdsc093.zipWPSDsc v0.93, Replacement WPS classes for descriptions [Detailapplication/zip 99.5 KB1995/12/02
wpfld184.zipWPFld v1.84, WPFolder class extension for WPS [Detailapplication/zip 34.13 KB1995/01/30
wppic11.zipWorkplace Shell class that displays a bitmap in a window [Detailapplication/zip 45.54 KB1997/04/29
wpprg184.zipWPPrgExt v1.84, WPProgram class extension for WPS [Detailapplication/zip 39.61 KB1995/01/30
wps2rexx.zipConvert Workplace Shell desktop to a REXX script [Detailapplication/zip 61.76 KB1995/01/30
WPSac-src-19991026.zipWPSac source code (1999-10-26) [Detailapplication/zip 12.81 MB2015/12/14
WPSac_4-0.zipWPSac ver 4.0(1999/10/07) [Detailapplication/zip 3.4 MB2015/02/04
WPSam-src-19990917.zipWPSam source code (1999/09/17) [Detailapplication/zip 1.42 MB2015/12/14
wpsam20u.zipWPSam, Workplace Shell multiple desktop manager [Detailapplication/zip 270.37 KB1995/01/30
wpsbara1.zipWarpCenter replacement [Detailapplication/zip 105.97 KB2001/04/24
wpsbk401.zipWPS Backup v4.01, save/restore Workplace Shell desktop [Detailapplication/zip 317.46 KB1995/06/26
WPSClassEdit-1_6_1.zipWorkplace Shell Class Editor, an easy to use and complete WPS' classes manager editor [Detailapplication/zip 59.37 KB2015/11/13
WPSClassMgr_0-1.zipWPS Class Manager 0.1 (2003-08-20) [Detailapplication/zip 109.64 KB2015/07/24
WPSClean_1-0.zipWPSClean 1.0 (1995-10-05) [Detailapplication/zip 24.21 KB2021/07/20
wpscre15.zipwpsCreate v1.5, create WPS desktop objects [Detailapplication/zip 17.59 KB1996/01/01
wpsdscr.zipAdd descriptions to folders details view in WPS [Detailapplication/zip 67.62 KB1995/09/17
wpsdump-0.1.zipWPS Dump 0.1 [Detailapplication/zip 82.74 KB2005/10/20
wpsec215.zipWorkplace Security v2.1.5 - Password protect OS/2 desktop objects [Detailapplication/zip 888.46 KB1996/11/06
wpsMon_1-00.zipwpsMon 1.0 (2009-12-05) [Detailapplication/zip 47.72 KB2021/07/20
wpssafe1.zipFreeware Workplace Shell backup/restore, uses GTAK tar [Detailapplication/zip 101.23 KB1995/01/30
wpswizard-0_5_0-eng.zipWPS-Wizard V0.5.0. free WPS classes to add different custom menus to any filesystem object, info area and toolbars to folders. REXX interface to the WPS. [Detailapplication/zip 832.95 KB2004/03/12
wpswizard-0_5_0-ger.zipWPS-Wizard V0.5.0. free WPS classes to add different custom menus to any filesystem object, info area and toolbars to folders. REXX interface to the WPS. [Detailapplication/zip 840.21 KB2004/03/12
wpswizard-0_5_1-eng.zipWPS-Wizard V0.5.1. free WPS classes to add different custom menus to any filesystem object, info area and toolbars to folders. REXX interface to the WPS and much more. English version. [Detailapplication/zip 899.59 KB2004/03/15
wpswizard-0_5_1-ger.zipWPS-Wizard V0.5.1. free WPS classes to add different custom menus to any filesystem object, info area and toolbars to folders. REXX interface to the WPS and much more. German version. [Detailapplication/zip 907 KB2004/03/15
wpswizard-0_5_2-eng.zipWPS-Wizard V0.5.2. free WPS classes to add different custom menus to any filesystem object, info area and toolbars to folders. REXX interface to the WPS and much more. English version. [Detailapplication/zip 894.51 KB2007/04/10
wpswizard-0_6_0-eng.zipWPS-Wizard V0.6.0. free WPS classes to add different custom menus to any filesystem object, info area and toolbars to folders. Icon engine for using PNG images. REXX interface to the WPS and much more. English version. [Detailapplication/zip 851.09 KB2007/12/11
wpswizard-icon-addon-v1.zipAddon classes for WPS-Wizard V0.5.2 for fancy PNG icons of arbitrary size. [Detailapplication/zip 4.77 MB2007/04/10
wrp2mrln.zipPatch WPS with new Icons, Pointers, Fonts, Buttons from Merlin [Detailapplication/zip 537.21 KB1996/08/28
wxtaskb4.zipTask list/process killer XCenter Widget [Detailapplication/zip 90.07 KB2005/05/31
xfeel2.zipA utility to make PM behave like X-Windows v2.0 [Detailapplication/zip 49.5 KB1995/01/31
xit26.zipX-it 2.6 - One button zapper utility for all windows [Detailapplication/zip 802.18 KB2000/10/30
xlogo.zipPM-based XLogo with source [Detailapplication/zip 68.19 KB1996/08/09
xray10.zipOS/2 Utility to display PM window info (freeware) [Detailapplication/zip 55.54 KB1997/01/10
xshadow-1-1-1.zipReplacement Shadows for WPS ver 1.1.1 - allows shadow renaming and fixes lock-in- place bug. (To replace corrupt copy present on site) [Detailapplication/zip 367.46 KB2004/11/08
xwlan310.zipWireless LAN Monitor XCenter Widget [Detailapplication/zip 1.5 MB2008/01/28
xwlan313.zipWireless LAN Monitor XCenter Widget [Detailapplication/zip 1.98 MB2017/12/22